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A Ghost Story

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A Ghost Story 21st March 2005 It was a dark evening and I had just finished school. It was 3:30 and my mum's car had broken down in a country lane about seven miles away down the twisty lanes. She rang my mobile to say she would be home late. I was getting worried whilst walking home alone. I didn't have any credit on my phone to phone my friends for a chat so I couldn't get home quicker. I couldn't even pop around my friends quickly because I was half way home and my friends live in the opposite direction to me. I started to run because it was raining heavily and eventually I was very close to home. I heard an owl hooting and I was beginning to get really scared. I was running my fastest. ...read more.


I couldn't believe it was true so I just ignored it and thought that is was my mind playing tricks on me. As I went to get in the bath, my leg slipped as if someone pulled it. I fell over and lay there thinking what could possibly be happening. My mobile phone started to ring so I quickly got up and wrapped a towel around me and ran to answer it. I missed the call so I went to phone my friend and suddenly the switch pulled itself out of the socket. I knew that something weird was happening. I screamed and burst into tears. My next door neighbour, Jim, rushed around and I told him what had been happening. ...read more.


My mum told him and he said that an old lady had died in the house before we lived there, so straight away I knew out house was haunted. Jim told us how she died and that sprinkles were spread in every room, and after a while we didn't want to move away, we just got used to living in the house with the ghost living there. I found it embarrassing when my friends come around my house to sleep and that when we went to bed they heard strange noises, which was the ghost and my friends kept asking me what the noise was and I had to pretend that I couldn't hear it as I didn't want my friends to find out my house was haunted as they would probably never come round again. The end. ...read more.

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