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A good day turned bad

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Swimming was always an exciting sport for me, it made me feel alive and athletic. However, this finest sport became a mark that would be on me for the rest of my life. Burbury Park was the place, me and my friends decided to go park because there was a football tournament that we had all been waiting for, this was our chance, a chance to get to the final. The weather was absolutely smashing, it couldn't get better. The sun beat down on us and we couldn't have felt a more positive vibe. The birds were singing and the trees moved to the calm wind that was keeping us cool. We were getting ready, doing our warm ups and having a team talk on how we are best team. The match had gone underway, after a nervy few minutes, the score was level, 'nine-nine' and the atmosphere had already set in; the situation was that the next team to score would advance into the finals of the 'Birmingham cup'. I dived towards the ball to make a critical save which kept us in a dominant position; thereafter my team had capitalized on what I had done for them. I shouted "COME ON LADS! Pass and move" and little did I know, they were doing what I had asked of them. ...read more.


I had decided that I was going to treat the lads for their hard work after swimming. Me, more than anyone else wanted to step inside the swimming pool and calmly cool down and rest. We were on the way to the swimming pool, we were on the main road and Newtown Swimming Centre could be seen not too far in the distance. On the way towards the Swimming Centre we had seen a park leading us straight to the Swimming Centre. "C'mon lets take the left and go through the park, it looks much easier." I said, not knowing what was going to happen next. We had been through the park, 'Yellow Park', many times before and we had thought it would be the safest and quickest way. We walked pass the main play area and it had seemed empty. Swings left swinging by the wind, and slides left for children to play on. I started to feel agitated and began thinking to myself why there wasn't anyone around. Goosebumps started appearing on my skin as an ice cold shiver rattled through my spine. But there was no turning back now as we had already walked past most of the park. We were at the end of the park and it was just one dark long alleyway. ...read more.


"ARGH" I shouted in pain as I fell to the floor on my knees. Aquil quickly looked over but really couldn't help me because he was getting robbed by the other mugger. Another punch fell my way but this time on the back of my head, I swore in pain and anger. I looked up and saw that I had no choice but to hand over all my money a huge sum of money. It was sixty pounds. The mugger helped himself and searched me and ran off with my wallet. So did the other mugger. I felt weak. I felt helpless. I was injured. I was bleeding from my mouth and from the back of my head. It had also looked like the other mugger had finished with Aquil. Me and Aquil laid there for a couple of minutes before a couple of members of the public helped us up. I was shaking as I walked back towards my home. I met up with my friends, and they were in shock, they were wondering what they could have done to help me and Aquil. I had told my parents everything that had occurred and of course my parents had phoned the police. It was useless and there was no point as the muggers were long gone... I just thought to myself how a superb day just became worse. Abed Ahmed ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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