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A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Flannery O’ Connor

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Prose Fiction A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND Flannery O' Connor Looking at "A good man is hard to find" from the Misfit's point of view. From birth the Misfit was considered different even by his father, who died in nineteen ought nineteen and the Misfit considered himself wrongly accused, for his father's murder. A constant outcast or reject of society he can't deal with authority figures like his father who was the first to "label" him. "My daddy said I was a different breed of dog from my brothers and sisters" Which is root from where his problems stem. ...read more.


However once grandma recognized him he was not going to be thrown back in jail with the head-doctor's who would be telling him he killed his father. Again he would be fighting the system that he feels has screwed him from the start. "A good man is hard to find" is the statement that rules the story, The Misfit is not a bad man just someone who needed someone when there was no one for him. Constantly being told what he was doing was bad. Even from the Grandmother who was trying to get him to take pity on her. ...read more.


She also wasn't interested in the others in her family and was only out for to save her self. Now by shooting her he was doing something that just might have saved her if someone had threatened to do it every minute of her life. The Misfit knew that there was no real pleasure in life. Everyone is just buying there time till they die, and once you die your going to eventually rise from the dead again. Jesus did it once and threw everything off balance by doing so. The Misfit was just out to do some meanness not pleasure before he died. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aaron Mooney En1001 Thomas Watson, Ph.D. ...read more.

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