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A Halloween Night

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A Halloween Night The town next to ours was a little mining town called Cheshire. Despite it being a productive and rich mining town, it was well known for the Legend of the Witches Circle. It was said that twelve witches used to live here. At the struck of midnight, they would fly around the town, creating nuisance and scaring off anyone in their path. After many deaths, people fled the town, fearing falling victim to the evil witches. Mining was halted and the town was abandoned. No one has returned to Cheshire ever since. The mood of Halloween was in the air. It was the end of October and large pumpkins were being put out for sale at the farms. Everyone in Saintsbury was getting ready for Halloween. Statues of goblins and evil witches could be seen everywhere. It was finally here, Halloween night. The streetlights were not working. Instead, the faint glows of candlelight lined the street. I was a bit old to go trick or treating; I had better plans with my friend. Jack, a good friend of mine had planned for us to pay a little visit to Cheshire, to prove to ourselves right that the legend of the witches were just a myth. ...read more.


I listened carefully, but what broke the silence was not the sound I expected. From below, in Devil's Den, I heard chanting. I slowly turned around to see who or what it was that was chanting. Suddenly, from behind, an arm grabbed me. I opened my mouth to scream, but it was quickly covered by a second hand. As I struggled to get loose I wondered what had happened to Jack and if I was going to die tonight. Reality set in when I heard Jack's voice whispering my name. When I finally settled down, he whispered for me to be quiet before he released his hand from over my mouth. As he released his hold, my eyes drifted down to the strange sight below. " Oh my God!!!" I said. In the valley below, surrounding a large stone altar, stood twelve figures. They were dressed in black gowns with hoods that hung over their faces, giving them an eerie appearance. As they stood encircling the altar their soft chanting could be heard. Soon my body was covered with goose bumps as their voices softly filled the night air. From the cover of the night we knelt watching in silence. ...read more.


I looked around and saw twelve black figures standing around me. My hands were tied back to a pole and around me was a big ring of fire. Barely opening my eyes, because of the intense heat, I looked for Jack. I could not find him. Then I saw it. On the altar, lay the body of a young man. I tried to stand on my toe to see is he was all right. I felt sick. His body was covered with blood. A deep cut ran straight down his chest. I turned away, not being able to bear what I just saw. I looked up to the figure sitting next to the altar. It was terrifying. It was the most hideous face I had ever seen. It had a pale yellow skin and had holes for eyes. He stared at me coldly and stood up before reaching for the dagger, soaking in blood, from the altar. I got terrified and struggled to free myself, to no avail. I let out a scream, as he raised the dagger into the air, his cold eyes staring into mine. I held my eyes shut, waiting for it. Then all went silent. I opened my eyes, much to my relief. Everything was gone, my hands were untied. The rays of sun, arising amidst the clouds, broke the darkness. The altar and fire was gone too. ...read more.

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