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A Halloween To Remember.

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A Halloween To Remember It was a cold Halloween night. The full moon was shining on the lifeless trees casting shadows on our path as we walked. A cool breeze was blowing the leaves across the forest floor. I was pretty safe, walking with a six-foot muscular man called Tom. The narrow path we walked on would take us past the cemetery and end at the cliff just above the Devils Den. We were feeling energetic and wanted to go on a mission. A mission that others wouldn't even dream about. As we walked past the cemetery a group of mischievous youths jumped out in front of me from behind some trees. My heart was beating so fast I could hear it. "Oi you, what the hell do you think your doing!" shouted Tom. The youths went on laughing. ...read more.


They were circling a large boulder. Their chanting was getting louder. I had never witnessed such a weird site. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end. The chanting stopped. Everyone stood silent as a man with a goat appeared from the deepest part of the forest. They tied the healthy goat to the stone. The evil man slowly pulled out a long dagger from his Black robe. The shiny dagger was darkened by the pitch-black forest. He chanted a few phrases raised the dagger into the air and slammed the dagger into the helpless goats chest. The goat let out a deafening plea for help and then there was silence. With ease he sliced open the goat. I, helplessly watched the inhumane sight. Then as if nothing important, he began to peel the skin from the body. ...read more.


Their eyes searched the darkness for the scream and soon all eyes were on me. I turned to my left but Tom had disappeared. I felt senseless as if all my muscles had gone numb. The bright rays of the sun woke me up, I was lying in a garden a couple of doors away from where I lived. I quickly got up hoping nobody had seen me. I raced home and locked myself in my bedroom. Everybody was quietly sleeping. "Was it just a dream?" I asked myself. I was convinced it actually happened, but I did not know of any one called Tom. I quietly lay on my bed trying to get my mind straight, from the corner of my eye I thought I saw a black object, it seemed to move whenever I moved, I slowly got of my bed and realised it was my own reflection in the mirror. I moved closer to my mirror, and then I let out a deafening scream. SHARJEEL IQBAL ...read more.

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