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A Hope in the Unseen written by Ron Suskind

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Cedric's Unsaid Essay A Hope in the Unseen written by Ron Suskind tells a compelling story of Cedric and his journey from the projects of Washington D.C. to Brown University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. This is a story of a poor, black teen who overcomes all odds to make it to Brown, but is it also the story of a poor, black, gay teen? While none of the events or accomplishments would be different, this would greatly change readers' opinions and feelings about Cedric. It could change the whole topic of book. If true, Cedric's homosexuality is clearly the greatest unspoken factor in the book. As Cedric takes a walk through a working-class neighborhood near Brown and considers his identity (325-328), homosexuality and his sexual preference is never brought up, but if he is gay, why does this never come up? Cedric questions his identity and struggles to understand who he is as a person, a student, and a son. Some things are certain. He knows he is "a very ambitious and religious person", but is this religious person also gay (325)? ...read more.


Cedric begins to view his father more positively and sees his resemblance. However, it is not long before Cedric remembers how his father "abandoned me at the start and then did it again and again," weakening Cedric's trust at a young age (326). He then remembers another person, "Jamal McCall, his elementary school friend, his first real buddy" and realizes he has no clue who or where this person is (327). Both of these instances remind him he is alone and has no one he can openly talk to. If he were to be gay, this could definitely be a major factor contributing to why he feels so alone and different from others. He wants to talk and have relationships with people, but the if he was gay, this could make it harder for him. Many readers criticize or become angry with Cedric's difficulty to fit in, but if he's gay, this is the unsaid reason why things are so hard for him. He feels different, isolated and has no one to talk to who he can really trust. Finally, towards the end of his walk Cedric thinks about the "double consciousness" that black people have and this idea resonates with him and makes him curious at the same time about how it relates to him (328). ...read more.


But maybe he is gay, maybe he's bisexual. When Cedric thinks about his identity (325-328), this is definitely a thought at the back (or the front) of his mind. But it is not mentioned once. If Cedric is gay, does Ron Suskind know Cedric? Did Cedric tell him not to include it in the book? Did Ron choose to leave it out of the book? While no one besides Cedric and Suskind and maybe some close friends and family know the answers to these questions, one thing is certain; the possibility or fact that Cedric's gay is never mentioned once. Neither Suskind nor Cedric wants this to be the focus of the book. If Cedric was gay in the book, this would be a major topic for discussion; it would change the whole story to many people. It may not appeal to as many people because he isn't a "typical" poor, black teen anymore. He's gay and it's unknown if people would still respect him, if it would discredit his accomplishments, or if it would change their opinion of him entirely. So to avoid all these confusing topics and difficult issues, the fact that Cedric is gay is left out all together. ...read more.

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