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a journey for slaves

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A journey There was fire- everywhere. The flames licked the sides of our hut, greedily devouring the dry straw roof. Others in the village were being destroyed too, one by one. The attackers charged around the village torches in their hand, streaking behind them in the darkness. All around me people were moving and the air was dense with screaming and panic. I ran, but everywhere I turned there was someone there blocking me. I knocked into people as we were forced into a tight circle. I was near the middle and all I could see was taller bodies all about me. I stood for ages, waiting. The sound of metal wrought the air as gradually the people around me started to disperse. I found myself face to face with a man of the kind I've never seen before. His face was a colour of palest tones and he grabbed me and tossed me about with a roughness of hand I had never experienced. Before I knew it, I had been bound, arms and feet tied and I was part of a long procession of people chained together. ...read more.


This water in front of me now looked so clean and blue as it sparkled in the sunlight. A lot of people around me were amazed at the water too, but I wondered where did all this water go to? It was almost eerie. Soon I found myself stepping onto a plank of wood and rising up onto a vessel. As I passed onto the ship I came close to one of the white men I had seen before. I paused to look at him only to get shoved onto the ship and shouted at in a language I did not understand. We were taken down into the depths of the ship where it was dingy and the air was stuffy. Down in the hold, there were hundreds of us. We were allocated a space and told to stay there; I was in between to big men who pushed against me from either side. For the first few days it was bearable. I talked to the men either side of me, met some other children on the ship and generally I was enjoying the experience. But the days dragged on and I lost count how long I had been on the ship. ...read more.


I got worse and eventually they came and took me away. I was glad and felt relieved that I could now be made better and saved from my illness. I was taken, with two other men, up onto the deck. Immediately the fresh air made me feel better and I looked around. It was a murky day and a bitter wind made me shiver. The sea still surrounded us as far as I could see but unlike before, it now looked cold and black. The two men in front of me were being handled by the white men. They were strapping cannonballs to their ankles. The two men coughed and spluttered, barely able to stand on their feet. I wondered what the cannon balls were for, maybe it was to do with making them better or maybe it was some kind of joke the white men were going to play. I watched wanting to know what was going to happen but also dreading it and the same time. They never played nice tricks on us, only ones that hurt. All of a sudden, the two men were swiftly pushed over the edge of the boat. A pause, a splash and they were gone. What was going to happen to me? ?? ?? ?? ?? Katrina Duncan Sunday, 25 May 2008 ...read more.

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