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A Journey. The day had dawned with a lot of promise for their journey, although the previous night had been a sleepless one, especially for Nadia, because of her worries about the future.

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Name: Thanos Emmanuel Date: 10.01.2011 Class: 4 White Task Number: 3 Title: A Journey Number of words: 1000 A Journey It seemed that the sun was setting rather early because of the bank of clouds at the horizon. Nadia didn't feel bothered about the dark coming on, as she had provided herself with enough illumination by a pair of torches and a stock of batteries. But it was still irking to think how she could hold the torch if she had to use both her hands to carry her brother and her bags too. The brother and sister were quite a contrast in looks and nature. Nadia had inherited her father's height, dark features and strength of mind while little Dan took after their mother, with a slight build, blond locks and a fragile temperament. She had turned twelve last summer but looked and felt much older. She quickened her pace to try to reach some sort of shelter before it grew really dark. The path was only a stony trail in the rough terrain and it took all her effort to keep up her speed. ...read more.


She pushed her hand deep into her pocket and her fingers closed round her mother's locket holding it tightly as if trying to gain some strength from it. Danny seemed to sense the danger and kept as quiet as possible, although it was all so strange and bewildering to him. "Nada," he whispered, "I want to go to gran'ma, please Nada." Nadia could only shush him and keep walking towards the light. At last, they reached the door of a rough cottage in the middle of the field and Nadia gently rapped on the door, wondering what to say and how to say it. No one came to the door though the light could now be seen shining through the window. The thunder and flashes turned into a fierce storm and blew the rain up into the porch where they were standing. Nadia had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. All her busy activities had served till now to keep away the fear - the fear of the future, of the unknown. ...read more.


His gruff kindness, especially to Dan, and the food too maybe, slowly toned down her fear and distrust of the stranger. Very politely, she asked him who he was. He told Nadia that he was Jim Smith and that this was his sister's house and since she had been called away to attend on a sick person, she had asked him to look after it for a few days. Nadia was shocked. The name on the postcard hit her heart as it matched with the name she heard. She drew in an enormous sigh of relief at this explanation. She was bursting out of happiness, dancing on the clouds. Nadia jumped off the chair and ran to her father's lap. "Nadia? Dan? Tell me it's you! I'm sure it's you!" Jim exclaimed. "DADDY!" Nadia and Dan cried out cheerfully. Nadia was glad that she had not run away but instead stayed bravely to face the danger for her brother's sake and now everything had turned all right. The stranger's unkempt exterior had misled her to jump to a hasty conclusion. But she would never forget the hour of terror and suspense for the rest of her life. ...read more.

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