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A Journey With an Unexpected Ending

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A Journey With an Unexpected Ending It was a bright and early morning when the blazing hot sun shone through the window and woke Briony up, as she came round from her long and dreamy sleep. All she wanted was five more minutes but she knew that she had to get up. As she arose from her bed on this hot and sunny in the Algarve she looked at her watch and realised she had not given herself nearly enough time. She stripped down and jumped down into the shower. As the lukewarm water pounded down on her body she started to feel awake and refreshed. She stuck her head in the water and closed her eyes and it was a wonderful feeling, like she was in a warm waterfall. But the shouts from her mother upstairs reminded her she was not in a waterfall and had to get ready for her day ahead. Briony was only in her bikini when she heard the doorbell go and picked the first thing that came to mind, a pink strap top and a white denim skirt. ...read more.


They had stopped here because on both sides off the road were fig trees. The guide started to talk about them and Briony could sense that this was another boring bit of the trip so went off in to a daydream. But awoke again when she heard the guide say that she could try a fig. She wasn't too sure but she like fig biscuits so she did. Before the succulent fig touched her lips she smelt the fragrance of it and wanted to remember the smell of fresh figs, but that was not the most significant memory on that day. The next time they were driving for much longer until they were half way up the mountain where they stopped at a lake. It was a chance for them to cool down and Briony jumped at the chance. So she stripped down to her bright blue bikini and dived straight in. She immediately felt refreshed and didn't need to spend long in there. They only had to drive for ten minutes for the next stop, which was lunch. There was a big feast set out for them with salad for starters and chicken for main course. With wine and juice for drinks. ...read more.


She was terrified as her mother got taken away from her, but this was because she had a broken foot. Briony was the worst injured, as she had a fractured pelvis front and back, but she wasn't the only one. The Irish woman broke her leg, but was not told this until three days later; the Irish man had a broken arm. One of the barmen had fractured ribs, and one a broken jaw. Her two sisters had a fractured arm and a deeply cut finger between them. This was not how Briony had hoped the journey would end. Briony was in hospital in Portugal for a whole week before she was air ambulanced home. When she got back to Manchester, she then spent 8 weeks in hospital, and then another 8weeks on crutches. She then had to learn to walk all over again. This happened in the august, and in the May of the next year Briony still does not know how to run or can still not do exercise. This journey was not as she expected, but still feels very lucky because if the jeep has tipped the other way, who knows what would have happened. ...read more.

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