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A jump into darkness...

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A jump into darkness... There are still a few minutes before he has to do it. The rumble of the plane's propellers excites him slightly as he waits, waits for the time when he steps off into the darkness. He knows he is going to do this - he does not doubt that. But the waiting is beginning to make him tense, and nervous. He finds that he is constantly rubbing his hands together, and stands up to stretch his nervous legs. The interior of the plane is metallic and unfriendly, lit only by the dim, old cabin light. Outside, the night seems cruel and threatening, as though waiting for him. But he has to do this. He has to face the jump. As he paces, alone, he feels a shiver, a memory from the past. The quiet and darkness of the plane takes him back to his depressing childhood, and a day locked in the cold spare room of his house . . . Nish stared around the shadowed darkness of his room and shivered, hugging his teddy to his chest. His father had once again locked him in here. Every time he made a sudden movement his father would hear the creak of the old, wooden flooring. ...read more.


Each day Nish would feel upset, as he would see many of his school-friends' fathers pick them up after school. Nish would always feel depressed, almost as if he was missing half of his innocent heart. He now stands in the open door of the plane, staring down into the endless black hole of the timid night. His hands grip the doorframe, steadying him. The wind roars past, cold against his face. The darkness below awaits him. He has to make the jump, the last jump of his life. Only this will set him free from a life of misery that has haunted him since those days of his childhood. He steps closer to edge, past the remaining of the yellow safety line, and looks deep into the unknown of the darkness. His fingers loosen slightly, and he feels that he can do this. The wind picks up suddenly, screaming into the cabin, and the scream takes him back to a dark day of his childhood, an October afternoon returning from school . . . He dropped his school bag to the pavement. He ran towards his house where he saw an ambulance and some police officers. A policeman met him at the door, and told him to calm down. ...read more.


Nish knew his father was faking, and this upset him more. But Nish knew better than to confront his father, he sat quietly. Almost as if he had patience Later, at home, Nish's father sat down in front of the television and started to drink. Nish stared at his so-called father, and then ran to his bedroom, more furious than he had ever been. His father shouted, "More money coming in from now son. Just me, you and the booze!" No, Nish thought. "Only you and the booze." Nish had other plans. He falls. The grumble of the plane disappears into silence above him and darkness closes in. He drops, faster and faster, and holds his arms out. He falls at a rapid speed and then feels that he is floating, hanging in a rush of air and supernatural night. He shouts out in victory. He has won, left the bitterness of his past behind him. He feels reborn in the cold blackness. He still has time - time to express joy in this newfound freedom, to escape the troubles of his cruel childhood. On his back is his parachute, and soon he must pull its ripcord, and go down safely back to reality, and the loving, warming home of his aunt. But he still has time to wonder, and to start to shape his dreams for the future. By: Amish Patel Form: 10J ...read more.

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