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A Kestrel For A Knave.

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A Kestrel For A Knave Billy doesn't exactly live in the land of luxury. He wakes to a grim bedroom and an unpleasant brother on the other side of the single bed, Billy and Jud share: "There were no curtains up. The window was a hard-edged block the colour of the night sky..." Already we see that his bedroom is so basic, that there are no curtains. In Billy's house there is no heating and so to get a bit of heat he has a fire, no central heating. The home is where a person should feel at ease and relaxed, but Billy can't enjoy this luxury because when he is at home his brother miss - treats him and his mother ignores him. As Billy's home isn't pleasant he spends a lot of his time out side. Billy needs to have two worlds because the real world in which he lives treats him extremely badly. Billy does not seem to have a good future ahead of him. ...read more.


"Would I heck, he is nowt you Jud." "Tha what! He�s t�cock o� t�estate, that�s all." "Who say�s? I bet I know somebody who could fight him." Then a fight broke out causing pretty much the whole playground to gather around the boys. As you can see Billy's school life also contains bullying, like the kind he receives off Jud. Billy ran at him. The gang scattered. McDowell took a step back, lifted one knee, and pushed Billy off with his foot. McDowell delivered a straight right, which caught Billy smack in the chest and bounced him back on his arse. Although Billy thinks everyone is against him, there is one teacher who likes him due to the Hawk. He helped Billy later on against McDowell, stopping Billy getting in to trouble. This teacher is called Mr Farthing. Mr Fathering can see Billy's talents and smartness, even though he isn't academically smart. As he knows this he encourages Billy to talk about it and finds out about Billy's Hawk and asks Billy if he can see it. ...read more.


Then he got some meat scraps for his Kestrel, Kes from "GEORGE BEAL FAMILY BUTCHER." Then Billy returns to school. Jud came to Billy's school looking for Billy and Billy knew why. Jud's horses had won! But there was no bet on them. Jud was coming to get Billy! As soon as Billy saw Jud from his classroom Billy went hiding. Jud couldn't find him anyway, the whole day. So, Jud went elsewhere! There isn't anywhere, apart from being on the field with Kes, that Billy feels safe. In his own home he has to dodge Jud because if he doesn't Jud will take his anger out on him. At school the teachers and pupils bully him because he isn't academically bright. The only person who compliments Billy is one of his teachers, Mr Fathering. He gets an incite to Billy's talents and compliments him on them. "Marvellous, Casper! Brilliant! That's one of the most exciting things I have ever seen" "You're an expert lad" These are the only compliments Billy gets in the book and they are on the field, the only part in Billy's environment that Billy can show his abilities. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay has the wrong balance of narrative and analysis; there always needs to be more language, structure and form analysis than anything else. There is definitely an understanding of Billy and the life he leads but there needs to be more exploration of how the author represents Billy's life and issues in his writing.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 08/05/2013

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