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A letter to the Jem and Scout many years later when Boo Radley is about to die.

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Boo Radley's story A letter to the Jem and Scout many years later when Boo Radley is about to die. 17^TH October 1962 The Radley House Maycomb, Alabama. Dear Mr. Jem Finch and Ms Jean Louise Finch, You may not remember me as it's a long time ago. Though no one can forget a monster like me from his or her childhood. I am sure both of you have grown up to be fine people like your father and have carried on his good work. Anyway, I have chosen to write to you because my life is almost over. Very soon, I shall be gone and no one will remember me, so I am writing this so my whole life wouldn't be a waste. It is all about missed opportunities, so I am going to use this opportunity and tell you about my life. I want you to keep everything I say a secret because once I die, the curse of Radleys would be over and if people start to show emotion towards me, I shall still live. I was born on the 7^th of August of1894. I never did the things other children did. I never played outside with other children. I never went to school. I never went to church like other people. I never did anything. My father didn't like me having friends as he said you could never trust anyone. He told me that if you don't mix with other people, they wouldn't meddle with your business. I always wondered what he had against other people. My mother always told me that he didn't have the problem and that it was other people that had treated him badly. So I grew up knowing nothing about the world and became very na�ve. My naivety got the better of me and I got involved with the wrong people. There were the only people who looked at me and saw a friend. ...read more.


All of you seemed to be playing pretend games and Jem, you used to be the sheriff. Dill was always the villain and Scout, you were always the judge. I used to laugh because I never got the chance to play those games. Many a time I would see Dill standing at the light pole looking at my house. I used to wonder why he was so interested my house. All of you started hanging around the light pole more often and then one day you took a step further and I saw Jem knock on my door. After that, all your interest in me seemed to fade. Scout had started school and Dill was not to be seen anymore. Funnily enough, both of you ran by my house and when you reached the light pole, you stopped running. This was surprising because you knocked on my door so I assumed you weren't scared of me but I was proven wrong. I was used to children running past my house because they are scared of me. I wasn't pleased about this but I got used to it. However, both of you were the only ones who seemed intrigued about me and I wanted to show you that I am not what people make me out to be. I wanted to make contact with both of you but was to scared to step outside and I knew if I did, I would make Nathan angry, so I devised a plan to get in contact with you. When you both were at school and no one was on the streets, I crept out the back door and leapt over the barbed wire next to the pole. I even had a long cloak to cover me from the sunlight. I then put a pocket of chewing gum my brother always brought back from the O.K caf� when he went to work. ...read more.


Apparently, it snowed in the year 1885, almost ten years before I was born. It looked like cotton and I wanted so much to go outside and feel it but I couldn't. I saw both of you gathering mud and I wondered what you were using it for. Later, I found out; you were using it to make a snowman. It was very good but it looked like Mr. Avery to me. I must admit Jem; you are a man of many talents. That night, Miss Maudie's house went on fire and Nathan went out to help. I wanted to help but I couldn't face going out. Both of you stood at my front gate and I knew this was my chance to talk to you. I waited until it was safe. I grabbed a blanket as I could see you, Scout, were getting cold. I went through the back door and I crept to the back door and I crept to the back of Scout but when I got to you, I froze. I couldn't talk to you. It was the wrong time, so I put the blanket over you. It was the wrong time, so I put the blanket over you and went back to the house. It would be long before I could talk to anyone. I was awake all through the night watching the fire at Miss Maudie's house burn out. I had missed my chance and I knew I would never get another one. I wept and wept. Nathan heard me and all he could say were "You brought it upon yourself". When he said that, I hated him more. That is the story of my life. I hated everyone and loved nobody. I grew up to be an old lonely man. The only friends I found were in you because you were the only ones who don't judge me like others. I hope you will learn something about my life because I did but I was never able to use it. I hope you do. When I die, please remember me. From Arthur Radley (Boo) ...read more.

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