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A Life changing experience

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A Life Changing Experience In my family I have a dad, a mum, one brother and three sisters, not to mention my six dogs all golden retrievers with lovely temperaments. It all sounds hectic but it's not! My parents are easy to live with ,and so are my two sisters and my brother. We rub along together. My eldest sister is hard to live with and she and I always fight. I have to share my room with my brother. He can be a real pain sometimes. He is always up very early every morning playing with his cars. My other two sisters share a room together and my parents in another room. The six dogs sleep in the kitchen. One of the worst experiences I have had lately is when I was out on my paper round. ...read more.


After I had been bitten by the big Alsatian every thing was a blur. All I could see was the next door neighbour of the owners of the dog that were there. The owner of the dog then came out with towels and hot water. My parents just arrived home from picking the kids up from school when they saw the green old trolley with a rusty handle. Not to mention that the wheel was coming off. My parents stared to come over and I was bleeding like mad. It was my farther took me to the hospital and there I had to wait an hour and a half to see the nurse who gave me too pain killers. After that I had to wait another two hours before I even saw a doctor. ...read more.


When I look back at my school days the things that I remember are bad and good times whilst at my old Toynbee. In year 8 I had such a laugh with other people in my tutor group. If I could change something about my school it would be about the amount of litter around the school campus. School has taught me well at English, Maths and Science. It also has helped me in the times of trouble. After I had left Toynbee school I went on to Eastleigh College to do ICT level 2 Btec first. Also I retook my English. I left school with only a few GCSEs and I got an E in English, F in Maths and F for Science. Also I did a Gnvq which is an equivalent to four GCSEs at c or above. For this I got a C. ?? ?? ?? ?? Craig Waters English Course Work 11/11/2008 ...read more.

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