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A life in a day

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A life in the day...................... At a quarter past seven the alarm on my phone (known to my mum as the 'Ice-cream van') rudely awakes me from my deep, warm, sleep, in which I was dreaming but can't remember what about. I sharply pull the cover over my head as the light is switched on. I am shaken and moaned at by my mum to get up or I will be late. I pretend to struggle out of bed (really convincingly) and my mum leaves me alone. Snuggling back down I am just about to fall asleep when I hear my ten year old sister heading for the bathroom, so quickly jumping out of bed, I race into it before she should get there first and make me late. After I have showered and washed my face and teeth I head back to my room, getting a dirty glare from my sister on the way, and start to dry and straighten my hair. After this is done I carefully apply my spot cover and some mascara. ...read more.


The morning usually flies by (either because I am half asleep or I'm having a laugh with someone). At break we all meet up in one of the halls for assembly. We are meant to get 20 minutes for our break but because of this assembly we only get 10 minutes. The assembly wastes good chatting time and the only reason I like it is because I can meet up with everyone. We all split up again after this and head to our next classes. My next classes don't go quite as quickly as the morning and I think this is because I am now fully awake and taking everything in. When lunch comes I am starving, so heading to the cafeteria where I meet up again with Rebecca, we get something to eat and spend the next 20 minutes talking about our day. The afternoon classes always seem to last twice as long as they actually are, but I know that soon I will be free. ...read more.


I enjoy my mums company as we get on very well, but my dada on the other hand, we sometimes have silly little arguments, but I still love them both! By the time that Eastenders is over it is eight o'clock so I head upstairs to the computer where I chat for the next hour and a half on MSN. At half nine I head back out to the stables where I finish up for the night, when I come back into the house my sister is in bed so I have the bathroom free for as long as I want, pure silence to shower. Running through my a head I make a mental list of what I need for tomorrow and once I have packed everything I need, I then climb back into my bed and lifting one of the many autobiographies (by many different successful British Eventers) I read on for some inspiration. After about an hour of reading, I soon fall into a deep, warm, sleep where I know I will dream but won't be able to remember what about. The End ...read more.

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