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A life in the day

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A life in the day Every morning my alarm wakes me at 5; I don't get up until my second alarm at 7.50 or 6.40 depending if I have work. I love the warmth and cosiness of my bed when I wake up at 5, and knowing I don't have to get up is heaven for me. First thing I do is use the loo then brush the horrible early morning taste from my mouth. I've always been fairly good at brushing my teeth I feel dirty when I forget to. When I was younger I sucked my thumb which meant for a year I had a brace to straighten them up, so now I'm determined to look after them. I get dressed and pack my bags unless I remember to do it the night before. The uniform at my school has never really bothered me and they're not that strict about it anyway. I collect the bits and bobs from around my room which I take to school; phone, wallet, dinner money, lipbalm etc. And then I'm ready to go to work or to school Tuesday's and Thursdays are work days; I work at 'The Breadstore' on Gloucester Road, I'm on �3.75 an hour. Everyone's really nice there and I have friends from school working with me which is a nice bonus. ...read more.


I take a seat in the centre of the room with my friends where we eat and chat about football. My friends make me laugh a lot and I return the favour. My best friend is either Ed or Rich, I don't speak to Rich as much but I've known him all my life so we know each other inside out. Two more lessons follow before lunch which I'm always eagerly awaiting. At lunch, I generally go straight to the field where we play football, if we have a ball. We always play a match which has now been nicknamed the 'derby'; the teams are always the same, our team has the better players but the other team have more players and seem to play better so the win count is fairly even. The second bell signals the final whistle, after the match, I get a drink to cool off. If we don't have a ball I buy some food from a pretty poor selection in our canteen, then muck about around school. At 2.05 the bell goes to signal tutor time - great. One more lesson follows until 3.25 and we can go home! Generally, I go to my girlfriend's house or she comes to mine, I don't see her much in school as she's a year below. ...read more.


I'll be paid and then I shower at home before football, if Bristol City are playing a home match 3pm kick-off means I'm home at around 5.30. I mite ask somebody to stay or I may be asked to stay at their house but either way I never miss The Premiership at 10.30. Sundays, I have a long sleep then shower to wake me up before my football match for Bishopston. My pre-match routine is to shower, eat, stretch, change, knock a ball around in my garden then I have pasta on the way to the match. After, I go to the pub down the road with a few of the players to watch the Live Sky Sports match at 4pm. I leave at half-time or full-time and get dropped off home. I will shower again then catch up on the masses of homework I generally have. Dream Team is on at 8pm whilst I eat the big roast dinner my Dad prepares, my Dad is a really good cook so nothing goes to waste. Sundays are about the day I have an early night. I lay in bed thinking about life. After I finish school I think I'll probably go to college and university and train to be a sports journalist. I have had a work experience application accepted by the Western Daily Press sports editing department. Hopefully it's my first step into journalism and money so I can have a big house and family. ...read more.

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