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A Life In The Day.

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A Life In The Day To the untrained eye I am simply a sixteen-year-old high school girls studying for her GCSE's and lead a practically normal life. However if you search deeper into his life of mine you will uncover what lies beneath this daily fa´┐Żade. During a typical school day I will simply get up, get dressed, eat, endure a one hour journey on the school bus to school, go to the common room, get registered, go to assembly, go to two lessons, have break, have two more lessons, lunch, another two lessons and then finish school for the day, endure another one hour bus journey home, eat, watch TV, do some work and then go to bed. This will be the routine, which I will normally carry out. However there are some aspects of the day which people rarely notice. For instance; in the morning as I make my way to school, I will occasionally catch a glance from a passer by or a person in a car and no matter who I'm with or where I am there is always a slight ...read more.


This is what keeps me going during the school terms, knowing that something different, no matter how big or small, will happen the next day whether it be good or bad. During the day you could hear all of the numerous things, which are ailing each person, however if they really think that their problems are the worst thing that could happen to them then they really aren't living in reality. At this age we complain about how much work we have, the obnoxious species that is men, not having any money to go out with our friends or to go shopping, we fight and fall out over petty things yet even though we know that all of these things are highly inferior compared to what we will face later in life we still do it day after day and these are just some of the tedious things which occur every day. During the lessons its now just simple revision except for some of the subjects you have to teach yourself parts of the syllabus as the teacher doesn't seem to explain some things very well. ...read more.


A bit like Simon from Lord of the Flies, I simply like to be. I feel that it is relaxing to just watch them, on the other hand when I do this my friends seem to penalize me for it as apparently it is very out of character for me to be quiet. During the lessons where I am not as accurate I try to concentrate more however I still seem to convince the person that I am sat with that I am ignoring them simply because I don't talk and am trying to listen and this is simply an example of a petty fall out. Even though I value my friendships I feel that there are more pressing things to be focusing my attention during lessons (like the actual lesson) I feel that the days are going by very quickly now as the exam are almost at our doors and so no time is to be wasted. Some of these thoughts can sometimes be packed into a single instant or moment during a mere fraction of the day, yet not many people will question them, they will simply pass them off as a passing thought. ...read more.

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