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A Life In The Day

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A Life In The Day I.K, 15, an ordinary boy who attends and lives in Reed's School in Surrey. However, he suffers from asthma, G6PD Deficiency but is striving forward for his GCSE course and hopes to get 9 A*! Any time from 7:30am I'm woken by my alarm. I sit up and the world's a blur and I grope around trying to stop my clock from ringing. It signals my school day is about to begin. I get out of from my bed and go straight to the bathroom to take a bath in order to energize myself. I then get dressed with my uniform; which suits me the best. It is important to look smart as people around will respect and acknowledge you. ...read more.


Generally, I will use my spare time for revision in order to let time to pass quickly and to avoid bad grades. Lunch time, everyday, I will go to the Dining Hall for a meal. Straight after lunch, I would stay in the library trying to get some work done. Hence I have more time to do what I want or just reading Vogue, the fashion magazine. At the end of the school day, I will go back to the boarding house and put down my stuff. Following, I would have tennis lesson but just every Tuesday. I joined the swimming club at Reed's and I need to go to swim every Thursday as it is compulsory. ...read more.


I am quite worried about my future. As I want to get into LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) for Economics or Business Studies. If possible, maybe politics! Secondly, I would like to get into Cambridge University for Geography or History; as I fond of these two subjects so much. My last choice would be Central School of St. Martins for fashion design. One day, maybe I am working for Louis Vuitton showing my collection to the rest of the world. Me, myself is an outgoing person, willing to accept any new challenges. Also, I would love travelling a lot to different places to learn different cultures and explore the world. This makes my sight widely open and I can do my work more wisely. At around half-past ten, I fall into bed and draw the blanket up and shut my eyes. A new day is waiting for me. ...read more.

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