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a life in the day of

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EmilyMay Evans 10GW English - Miss Stone "A life in the day of'" Silence. Head buried under pillow, safeness and security covers me, totally undisturbed. As the bell rings, to my dismay it is now all in the past and I have once again woken to a cold and miserable school morning, I pull my head up from underneath the many layers of blankets and pillows to reach over and reclaim silence. This doesn't last long as it's once again interrupted, this time by the croaking cry of my dad (we call this his "morning voice"), it isn't exactly one of the most attractive things about him. I wake to an array of colours painted onto the walls of my room, which does tend to give you the feeling that you've smacked around the head a few times, but hay it looks good. Eventually I give in to the croak of my father's voice and stumble downstairs wearing my bright orange hooded jumper, the colour not at all resembling how I feel on such a morning. Unable to face breakfast at this ridiculous time of day, I resort to a milky cup of tea and of course a biscuit to dunk, what's tea without a biscuit? Chocolate Hob Nob or Oreo is preferred, much more satisfying than a bland rich tea in my opinion, after drinking my cup of tea with it hardly touching the sides and ambling up the stairs, I jump in the shower, this being the first step of my routine every morning. ...read more.


Food is shared between many, occasional fights do break out but not very often, lunch-breaks are usually okay but on some days they can be a drag. Other lunch-times the girls and myself meet in the dance studio to practice our routines for the upcoming competition, as we flew through the first round, now we have created a new routine and are practicing it until it's perfect, no matter how long it takes, we are pretty determined to go far in this competition. Whilst rehearsing sometimes the occasional argument occurs usually over something stupid, but hay that's girls for you. I usually sort it out after five or ten minutes, I'm not very comfortable when conflicts occurring or arguments happen, not my idea of heaven I'd much rather a quiet room with a few people and a couple of conversations. I'm not like some people who go out of their way to start an argument or stir troubles between other people, doesn't exactly shout exciting or entertaining to me. Once the newest dance moves have been added to the latest routine and we have vacated the dance studio, recovering from a tiring hour of dancing, we usually assemble with the boys near maths block and claim our hugs off our closest boy-friends. A nice hug can really brighten up your day no matter who is on the opposite end of it. The bell rings and it springs into mind that there's only one more hour before I can go home. But during that hour comes another lesson, it's depending on what lesson I have to what type of mood I will be in during that lesson and the walk home, This meaning Adam will either have a pleasant walk home or a miserable one, poor Adam. ...read more.


This usually consists of lying on my bed listening to my I-pod station in complete darkness, a little time on my own to relax and just think about whatever may be on my mind during those particular moments. Some nights I escape to my room and go onto the internet to IM to my friends to talk, I know it's silly because we only left each other in school just a few hours ago but I suppose a lot can happen in the small space of a few hours. My head falls gently onto my pillow I stare up at the stars through my velux window, which has to be one of the greatest things about having an attic room you have the most gorgeous views especially during the winter when the skies are completely and totally black, it's magical. My parents have always told me since I was a little girl at the age of seven I think and my nanna Gwenda died of cervical cancer that if I looked and found the brightest star in the sky that it would be her watching over me, and that would never change. And she will always be the brightest star in the sky because she was the most kind, considerate, loving and thoughtful woman you would ever meet, anyone that knew her would and will always say the same. I have always done it and I do still believe that she is and always will be watching over me. I shout "sweet dreams" downstairs to my family, I close my eyes thinking about tomorrow and what the day will bring and drift of to another exhilarating adventure where anything can happen. It's all about the imagination behind the story, never the story itself. ...read more.

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