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A life In The Day Of

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A life In The Day Of At exactly 7:30 on the dot, my mum will burst into my room and turn on the light, this is the worst feeling in the world, knowing you have to get up and go to school. I can normally squeeze an extra ten minutes of sleep. It takes my mum five or six attempts just to keep me awake. My mum knows if she isn't persistent I will never get up. I remember once my mum forgot to wake me up and I stayed in bed till 4:30p.m. I'm incredibly lazy. If I had it my way I would never do any work and just watch TV every day. Now if I don't get up in the next 30 seconds my mum will kill me. I get up at roughly 7:40.At this time my sister has already left for her posh school. I call it this because it is a private school and she got a bursary. My sister and me have never got on since we went to Ibiza when I was about 6 and she was roughly 4. There was a massive light so I told my sister to touch it and she did. It blistered up her hand and she started to scream and she had to jump into the pool. ...read more.


They are those sorts of lessons where you can take it easy. This year is a lot harder than the previous years because I am working towards my GCSEs. I hate this because Im not that sure Im going to pass them. So for the next two years I've got to work twice as hard as I used to. At 11.00am I go to the Tuck Shop. The queue is really long because everyone wants toast. I get my pizza and make my way to the steps where I meet my mates and we sit and chat about most things. I enjoy this because I normally come into school late so this is the first time we can talk properly. At 11.20am I have another lesson. I don't usually like this lesson. The teacher always threatens to take away my lunch hour. I don't know why this is. I can't wait until my lunch. I try to go to lunch early so that I get half decent food. The teachers always get the best food, I don't know why, we do all the hard work. After lunch I go outside, if it isn't raining, to meet up with my mates. Usually they will be messing around on the grass. ...read more.


My Nan broke her arm outside king's college hospital about seven months ago, but it supposedly still hurts so I do a lot of favours for her. At the moment I can't spend any money so I can't go out, because I am saving up for my roller blades. These are really expensive. I'm really into skating, yet still I haven't broken any bones doing this. I guess I must be lucky! At night I will lay in bed worrying about whether I have done all my homework for the next day and if not what excuses I'm going to use! This is the time when I can normally just lay back and think of my childhood, like yesterday, when I thought about when I broke my arm swinging on a bar in my primary school on my second day at school. My mum and dad had to rush me to hospital. My dad had to drive on the wrong side of the road and almost crashed about ten times and when I eventually got there they gave me a massive injection, and the plastercast was so itchy it felt like someone had poured a ton of itching powder down my arm. After this I've been afraid to climb this high again. I will eventually get to sleep, but I don't know what time I actually fall asleep, but the next day it feels like I didn't get enough! Chris ...read more.

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