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A life in the day of...

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A life in the day of... It's 7am and once again the annoying repetitive sound of the alarm on my phone rings again. As I still have my eyes closed, I feel around the floor for my phone to stop the alarm. After ten seconds I find the cancel button, the alarm is still ringing in my ears. Eventually I open my eyes to find nothing but darkness. I feel as dead as Kurt Cobain. I stumble to the door and pull down the cold handle. As I open the door, I hear the sound of the T.V downstairs. I sit on the top step of the steep stairs knowing if I were to try and walk I would most probably fall. When I reach the bottom I see my Dad lying on the sofa looking half-dead watching the T.V. I say 'good morning,' he replies with a simple grunt. I walk out the kitchen, look out of the window, the sun shines so brightly, I can't see a thing. To wake myself up, I stumble into the bathroom as if I am drunk to take a shower. As soon as I get into the shower I started to feel awake. I am enjoying a quiet, relaxing shower when all of a sudden my twelve year old sister pushes the bathroom door open so hard that it hits the sink. The noise of that is so loud that it makes me jump a mile. I shout at her so loudly the house began to rumble. Around 7:30 I depart from my shower. I run upstairs very quickly as I only have a towel loosely wrapped around my waist. After that I put my school uniform on, my white polo shirt, black trousers and my black sweater. ...read more.


'Please go to the staff corridor and into the staffroom to get laser for the printer. I walk to the staff corridor without a question until, 'What are you doing down here?' It was one of the secretaries. I explained what I am attempting to do so she goes to get it and told me not to go down the staff corridor again but to ask at the office next time. I nod my head and then walk off through the long, dusty corridor holding a big box in both hands. I walk into class and am greeted with a 'thank you.' I walk to my computer and load up 'Microsoft Word' and the file 'Disco tickets.' Within the space of ten minutes, a voice from the other end of the classroom yells, 'Gavin my friend, come help me please.' It is Charlotte who I then helped, after completing the task, Susan asks the same thing so I help her also. I go back to my computer and begin to work as fast as light. At 12:38 I complete the work and ask Mrs Plant to put the laser in the printer so I am able to print out my work. As the bell goes the tickets are just printing. I put them into my file and leave for the canteen. Through the overcrowded, noisy corridors of Coedylan, I eventually reach the canteen and sit with the usual people on the right hand side of the canteen. I am surrounded by Adam and Gregg who are trying to steal my chocolate bars from my lunch box with the green lid. As I quickly eat my food, the canteen becomes more and more crowded and the lines become much longer. ...read more.


I put on my dark blue baggy jeans and my black Nirvana 'hoodie' with a picture of Kurt Cobain on the back of it. I walk back downstairs, say goodbye to my cousin and my Nan. I am going to the end of my long street which has a pub, a Chinese and a video shop where Adam is waiting. On the way we talk about how much fun the Sum 41 concert is going to be. We arrive in Ponty and head for Woolworths. In Woolworths we look at the rock albums and singles. Ten minutes I get a little bored and even more tired now. At 4:45 we leave Woolworths and head for the swings in the park. While walking through I see our friends Becky, Amy, Stacie and Nathalie and we go to the swings with them. We talk about rock music over and over and how much we hate pop music. Its 6:30 so the park is about to close. The silence of nobody around is relaxing but then the peace is disturbed by the sound of our baggy jeans dragging on the floor. When we reach Ponty, Adam and I depart from the girls and head for our homes in the pitch black apart from a few flickering street light. I keep looking around to make sure nobody is following us. I am now home. 'Hello fellow family members' I say with a chirpy voice. I then walk towards the bathroom so I can brush my teeth before I go to bed. I walk into the lounge. 'I'm off to bed now.' It's only 9:00 but I'm extremely tired. I think about how cool it would be if I could become a very talented rock star like Kurt Cobain. I would call my band... 'Yawn!' Gavin Bruce ...read more.

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