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A LIFE IN THE DAY OF By Deepa Nair I wake at approximately seven o' clock each day. There's nothing at all that's of any significance during my day. I'll lie in bed thinking about the day that awaits me. I'll consider what lessons I have or make sure that I've packed everything. I'm the first to awake every morning, so I always walk downstairs to a dark and quiet house. I know that it sounds stupid, but the quietness makes me sad. I suppose the reason for this is that it's completely different to the hustle and bustles I used to get up to as a child. ...read more.


At school I'm in more of a minority group. My school is consists of mainly Black African/Caribbean people. I'm also quite short for my age. This singles me out even more. It was exactly like this in my primary school, except the school consisted of mainly white people. Even though I've still got two more years in high school, I can't wait to leave. I want to meet new people. Every morning, I leave the house at a five to eight. I automatically tighten my blazer around me as the chilly morning air greets me. When I'm at school everything feels like it's going at a "fast-forward pace". ...read more.


I know the reason for this. When I'm older, I know that if I work hard I should get a good job. This would just show all of the people that thought they were "all that" in school that I'm better than them. Time at home tends to drift by slowly. When I finish my homework I lounge around the house, maybe doing some reading or watching the television. I don't really have a set time at which I go to sleep but I normally get tired at around 10:30. I go to bed when I tired. It's as simple as that. I fall asleep comforted in a way, by the thought that the same day awaits me tomorrow. Deepa Nair. ...read more.

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