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A life in the day of

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'A Life in the Day Of' ...the alarm clock blares as it strikes 7.30. The hammer pounces from bell to bell aggravating me to wake up, but when the morning is cold, these bells never help persuade me to get out of bed. Outside is dull and grey, yet my bed is very warm and cosy, why should I get up? Unfortunately, I have to go to school which is required by law and also my dad. From a needed nights rest, I still feel sleepy from the late night I usually spend wondering and panicking about school, ambitions and life. After my dad has hassled me out of bed, I quickly get dressed into the awful school uniform. I detest the uniform, it's dreadful. There is no advantage in a school uniform from a student's point of view; I could list a million points about the disadvantages of the dress code, but compromising seems so much easier. I again hear my dad's furious voice deriving from the bedroom, ordering me to hurry up before I am late. My dad is usually very depressed, especially on a morning; always instructing me to do something, whether it is to get up or to wash the dishes. ...read more.


Luckily, the break can be very refreshing after an extremely dull lesson, its enough to make you go to sleep. After break, I find myself standing in front of the teacher instructing me to do my tie up and tuck my shirt in. Nevertheless, all lessons involve sitting tolerantly yet so bored almost to tears listening to the teachers' lectures about punctuality, quality of homework or some other meaningless matter. Lunch finally comes after three endless lessons; a small sample of freedom. Once the teacher has dismissed us, Richard and I scurry through the crowded corridors full of irritating year 7's obstructing the route to our tutor room. I always enjoy my lunch, whether it's because I like my food or its just 40 minutes away from lessons. After that, lunchtime is fairly similar to any other; Richard and I join the rest of the group of our friends and continue to talk about something completely irrelevant, whilst annoying Sam or Peter. More schooling comes after 40minutes of pure fun and freedom. As the day draws nearer to the end, the lessons become even more uninteresting. The second registration period begins at 1:05 for 10 minutes, no time for sleep. ...read more.


I then spend the rest of the night doing homework and surfing the internet while talking to friends online. In next to no time, its roughly time to get washed, so I stroll into the bathroom to have a shower not a bath. I hate baths; you soak in a tub of your own filth that you have collected throughout the day and then coming out all wrinkly yet still as dirty as you were before. Showers on the other hand are economically better and are appropriate when it comes to cleaning yourself. Around 10 minutes later, I immediately rush to my room to either go to sleep or watch some program on my 50" plasma screen TV. I usually spend a little amount of time reviewing my day, thinking about what I should have done and not what I did do, then I worry about my future. As I drift off to sleep, I start thinking about all of the things I have done in my life that I should have done differently like an idiotic act or some bad deed. Laid on my back in bed, half awake, where I have returned to the place where I began my day; to where it will begin yet again... Jake Barker 11N GCSE English Literature Miss Myers ...read more.

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