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a life in the day of

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A life in the day of As my alarm rang as I shuffle around in bed in an attempt to drown that bothersome sound that attempts to wake me up in the morning, of course in the end it prevails. I hurl myself out of bed. In my mind I begin to analyze the day that lies ahead of me: Biology, Physics, English, and French. It all seems like a race with hurdled to try and trip me up. The day could go by so much more easily and smoothly if it were not for school. It disrupts everything, I could wake up at a more suited time for instance, but I guess school is important too. I then drowsily make my way to the bathroom, as I stretch my arm I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder, I retreat my hand and stretch my muscles this ensure I do not feel this pain at a later stage in the day. After opening the door to what seems a haven filled with shower gels, face washes and cleaners. I have a shower for exactly eight minutes knowing I can brush my teeth and wash my face within the two minutes which remain of my bathroom time. ...read more.


I leave the bowl in the sink for my mother to clean once she returns home from dropping of my sister to school. I return to the living room to switch the television off and sort out the cushions into an orderly fashion. At exactly eight fifteen the doorbell will ring, I trudge out of the living room and in to the hallway. I pick up my rucksack and fling it on one shoulder and shout "bye father," as I leave shutting the door behind me. I arrive at school at eight thirty if there is no traffic, but in this day and age when, where is there not traffic? I enter the Lyon Building and take the first left to reach my form room, I do not enter, however. Instead I choose to go to my locker and place my scarf and gloves in there. As I close my locker the tall, smartly dressed figure of Mr.Singleton pleasantly says "Alright Aman," I reply "Yes sir." By this time though he has entered the form room. Entering the form room is a total change of atmosphere from the hallway. It is peaceful and calm here whereas in the form room it is nothing less than a jungle full of people commuting and doing homework until Mr.Singleton shouts, "OK boys." ...read more.


I skip the line if it is long, or short for that matter. I have been caught on several occasions but the thrill of getting away with such a petty action, yet it excites me. Lunchtime is followed by another three lessons, except for Friday where it is only followed by two. After these lessons have finished the school day is officially over, however on Thursday's I choose to attend a badminton club which runs for an hour. After this I phone my mum and ask her to pick me up. After reaching home I immediately rush upstairs and finish all the homework that I have been set. After finishing what seems like an everlasting mountain of work I simply surf the net. That is until I hear my stomach rumbling, I then go downstairs and grab a quick bite and return to the computer. The internet seems to fascinate me, an endless source of everything and anything. When I am called for dinner I rush down the stairs and eat dinner with the whole family each of us discussing how our days were. After dinner all my energy is sapped and I withdraw to my bedroom where I flick through a magazine and eventually drift off into calm, quite and tranquil sleep. Amanbir Singh Sawhney ?? ?? ?? ?? Amanbir Singh Sawhney GCSE English Coursework ...read more.

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