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A life in the day of ........... Corrina Dean.

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A life in the day of ........... Corrina Dean At 7.15am I rise from bed to feel the cold air blow against my face. I don't get up straight away, I lay there thinking about the day i'm going to have, what has to be done,or the boring dull lessons I have to face. The time comes when I get down the cold steps of my bed, then step on the warm soft carpet. I walk out of my room and head for the bathroom and get into the shower. I get in and feel the pressure of the hot steamy water against my back. ...read more.


It's now 8.55am time for everyone's first lesson. 9.55am it's time for my second lesson. The hour passes time for break Rebecca, Emma and myself all head for the cafe, and get are snack. We all then hang around and wait for the bell for are third lesson. It rings we all head of in different directions. After that lesson we all meet up and head for registration, spend 25 minutes in are form room then all go down to the cafe. Right, 1.25pm time for are fourth lesson. I sat ther waiuting for the bell to go, knowing that I only have an hour left of school, but I still go home and feel like I'm still at schol because of all the homework I have to sit and do. ...read more.


After about two hours I hear the call from the bottom of the stairs telling me it's time for dinner. Igo downstairs sit up at the table and eat my dinner. I finish my dinner and head back upstairs and continue with my homework. I finish at about 7.00 pm, and then get in the shower to relax myself ready to settle down. Afterwards I get all my school books ready for the next day at school. For the next hour or so before I go to bed I just do a couple of things they normally last about one hour. I then get into my warm bed and have a quick glance of all my Gareth Gates posters and then lay down and gradually fall asleep. This is the complete a life in the day of Corrina Dean. ...read more.

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