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A Life in the day of Faye Cunliffe.

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" I open my eyes at about 7:20am when the buzzer on my alarm clock drills me awake. I hit the snooze button and snuggle back under my two duvets. I always sleep with two duvets even in summer. In summer I just turn up the air-conditioning and snuggle down. Then at 7:25 my buzzer goes off again and I somehow force myself to get out os bed. No matter what season my room is always cold in the morning. I stagger shivering, still half asleep into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and the water beats me into being awake. I always put the shower on a high force so it wakes me up. There is no competition for the bathroom because my 19 year old sister is dead to the world at this time in the morning. Whilst in the shower I have a routine: I wash my hair and put in the conditioner, then I wash my face and my body then the last thing I do is rinse out the conditioner. ...read more.


I always put so much effort into my hair, but by the time I get to school it all falls down. I put it in a pony tail, twist and clip. Then I take out my big can of VO5 extra hold hairspray and spray my entire head until the cloud of spray is so thick I can't open my eyes. Then I put on a little bit of make-up to hide the dark circles from staying up too late and I'm almost ready to go. The last thing I do before I leave the house is put on my blazer and spray some perfume. I always use DKNY perfume for school because it stays on most of the day. Then I run outside to the car where my mum is waiting for me. Once I'm the car I grab three dollars from my mum so that I can buy my oh so healthy recess. I get to school at about 8:10 and I go and stand with my friends on the wall with the rest of our year, Then I slowly drift over to the 5th years and my boyfriend Ian. ...read more.


Then I'll either sit with my friends and talk or go and stand with Ian and his friends. Then the last two lessons come, these lessons drag on until finally the bell rings and releases us from the prison known as school. I go and get my helmet and get a ride with Ian on his bike. Once home I pig out on chips and soda before going out till seven with Ian. When I get home I do any homework I have, then I'm free. I will either talk on the phone or messenger or play Nintendo. This is both before and after dinner. Dinner is usually at about 8:30 and its normally just me and my mum. At about 11:00 I have my hot ribena in my 'b' cup which I've had since I was 4 and climb into bed under my two duvets. I read until about 11:30 then I turn off the light. I lie in the darkness for a while day dreaming then drift off into sleep land. " Faye Cunliffe 4W Mr Maughan ...read more.

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