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A Life in the Day of Helen Keller

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English: A Life in the Day of Helen Keller I always wake up around twelve. There is not much point of waking up that early. There is nothing for me to do. For someone like me who can't see or hear or talk has a pretty exasperating life. It is pretty lucky I know my home this well. We haven't moved in my whole life, so I know this place pretty well. I don't need to grope around anymore, but sometimes I do stumble a bit on my trip to the bathroom. My mum tries to make everything easy for me; I can sense it. She has made the corridors narrow so I can feel the wall with my arms outstretched. I sweep my arms around the walls and finally I have reached the bathroom. The bathroom is a very small one, convenient for me to find things. I find my toothbrush; it is on the side of the basin where I left it last night. My mum got me an electric one. It is easy to wash my face and teeth. ...read more.


I think it is bacon and eggs. They are my favorite food. I haven't tasted much food, and I forget the taste of most food unless I eat it constantly, since I can't create an image in my head. Sometimes my life can be interesting in this way. I can just picture things how I think it will be. But I think my imaginations are all different to the actual real life, and that makes me angry. It reminds myself of my identity and my illness. Then, nothing seems real anymore. No one can control me when I am this angry. I hit things and hurt myself and I know I hurt the people around me too. I can just sense the atmosphere.. it is incredible, it is like the substitute of my sight, hearing and talking. I don't know if it is worth it because most of the time I would just rather live like everyone else. I want to see pretty things. I can feel the dawn and I know it is beautiful, but it is however, too wonderful that I can never work out what it'd look like. ...read more.


It takes a lot of time for me to calm down. Sometimes it takes me a few hours. It is like a monster coming to haunt me. I always have this session of the day when I am very angry because I can never seem to do what I like. I do not understand the normal people's ways, but yet they expect me to live like that. Like them. Then something suddenly hits me, like the truth or something, and I am not angry anymore. I stop getting upset and become very hungry. My mum is used to my behaviour. I never live or have lived a day without throwing one tantrum. It is dinner time when I am ready to go face my mum again. I eat very little for my dinner. I am a very skinny girl. I can feel my bones. I only have one helping of spaghetti or what happens to be cooked. And straight after I go to sleep. I never bother to wash before sleeping. It takes too long and I get too tired. I sleep very early. That is my life. I wonder what will happen to me if I can have all my senses back. It is my biggest wonder; biggest dream. Goodnight. By Karen TSE 10A ...read more.

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