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A Life in the Day of James Long.

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A Life in the Day of James Long I am awoken at 7.15 by my Mum's voice echoing through the house. My Mum isn't a loud person but as I am fragile due to the time of day it seems to me ten times louder than it probably is. I decide to pretend that I can't hear her but she is used to my tricks and she also knows that I don't like to get out of my warm bed in the mornings, she came up to my room and shook me, this I know I cannot avoid. Now it's time for me to face the outside world, although it's difficult, I crawl out of bed and shuffle around my room looking for my uniform, like a disorientated sloth. Usually I like to be organised i.e. around school and even in the other rooms of the house but when I get into my bedroom I relax and unwind in what I feel comfortable with and my mess is what I feel comfortable with. I run into the bathroom due to the fact that I am now late. I spend five minutes doing my hair and about seven minutes brushing my teeth and washing my hands and face. ...read more.


The bell rings and violently brings me back from my blissful daydream. Off I go to meet Nathan my other friend so we can walk to our first lesson of the day together. Nathan is completely opposite to Aaron and is well organised and always has his homework completed on time. My school is Ramsey Grammar School on the Isle Of Man although mush quieter than my old school in England it has a nice learning environment and nice surroundings for pupils and teachers alike. The teachers are always fair and I generally learn a lot both academically and socially as well. Although the school is quite old all the equipment is state of the art. For example there are three main buildings which are: The East building which is where my form room is, The West Building which is where the year seven, eight and nine form rooms are and the sports hall complete with multigym. All of them are equipped well and which makes it RGS an easy school to learn things in. I have chosen nine subjects at GCSE level. I find history one of my more interesting subjects as I like to learn about the two world wars as well as more recent conflict such as The Falklands and Vietnam. ...read more.


After I have spent ten minutes doing my hair I go downstairs and help my Mum to tidy up. As I don't really watch TV I go down to the bus stop and catch the bus to Ramsey. When I get to Ramsey I meet Nathan and Aaron at the bus station and we head down to the local youth club. I like the club because it keeps young people off the streets. All the people who work there are friendly and helpful and will try to answer any questions we ask to the best of their ability. While we are there we play are variety of games ranging from hockey to football. At approximately nine thirty I get picked up from the club by my Mum and we head back to Andreas. My weekend routine is much different because I usually stay at Aaron's house and we go either to the island's capital which is called Douglas or to Laxey in the middle of the island where there is always something going on. When we get back to Aaron's we usually watch a video or a DVD and then we go to bed. I lie in bed and I try to summarise the day I have just lived through. After about an hours thought time my eyelid's slowly start to close, I can't keep them open much longer and then I'm gone, asleep, ready to start over again. ...read more.

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