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A London Fete & Clever Tom Clinch...Comparative essay

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A London Fete & Clever Tom Clinch... Comparative essay This essay will contrast the two poems `A London Fete' written by Coventry Patmore and `Clever Tom Clinch Going To Be Hanged' by Jonathan Swift. Both of these poems are about the hangings in the 17^th-18^th century. A London Fete was written in the 18^th century, whereas Clever Tom Clinch was written in the 17^th century. This could have made a slight variation in what the poet had written because of the time variation. For instance nowadays we are more civilised because of the new laws have been brought in. Although both of the poems were written about hangings, A London Fete was more persistent on the crowd's behaviour and response rather than the condemned man who was going to be hanged. In the poem it states, `They brought the man out to be hanged' this is the only line, which talks about the condemned man. I think that Coventry Patmore focused on the crowd more because he might have been confounded by their behaviour. On the other hand the poem, Clever Tom Clinch Targeted the condemned man and his physical appearance. The evidence to support this is, ` The hangman for pardon fell down on his knees' this is the only line, which does not talk about the condemned man. ...read more.


A narrator helps the reader, again concentrate and carry on reading. A London Fete has been written in a dejected and deprived manner. This helps the reader to feel grief for the condemned man as well as makes you hate the crowd for instance, `they brought the man out to be hanged. Then came from all the people there a single cry that shook the air; Mothers held up their babes to see, who spread their hand and crowed with glee'. As with Clever Tom Clinch, A London Fete is also written rhyming couplets but the scheme breaks at lines 23-26. In my opinion there are two reasons why the poet has chosen to do this, firstly this catches the reader's attention second that the writer makes it seem like a story. IT is also a form of ballad because there is a narrator telling the reader what is happening for instance, `All night fell hammers, shock on shock; with echoes Newgate's granite clanged'. The narrator is describing the atmosphere. Another difference that sets A London Fete opposite from Clever Tom Clinch is the description of the condemned man. Jonathan Swift decided to concentrate on the man rather than the surrounding and atmosphere. The poet wrote, `His waist coat and stockings and breeches were white, his cap had a new cherry ribbon to tie't'. ...read more.


This means that the land of the wrong doers celebrates the arrival of a new soul. The wrong doers are the crowd and they celebrate the arrival of the condemned mans soul. Another line that backs this up is, `Thousands of eyeballs lit with hell'. Here he mentions the word hell. He is describing the crowd's eyes that they are red like the fire. The poet again uses colour symbolism in his poem, `at last the shows black crisis pended'. He uses the colour black which again just like Clever Tom Clinch it symbolises something bad. This had many effects on the crowd's behaviour. The hanging influenced all men, women and children. `A baby strung its doll to a stick; a mother praised the pretty trick'. A mother has influenced the baby by admiring the trick. In my opinion if nowadays such things did happen the kid would get punished. Two children caught and hung a cat after the hanging had taken place because they were adapted to that way of living. Although both poets had written about hangings they both had different messages to convey to the reader. Coventry Patmore basically conveyed that `violence would always lead to more violence'. Whereas Jonathan Swift conveyed that `no matter where you are be true to yourself'. Overall I think that A London Fete is better because it is much more of a serious poem with serious thoughts. I think it has a kind of story line, which made me carry on reading. ...read more.

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