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A Long Time Coming

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A Long Time Coming The kettle in the background whistled, and Rachel Baxter sluggishly stood up from the sofa to prepare a strong brew of coffee. All she wanted was a coffee, strong, black and no sugar. She had had a long night catching up on all the paperwork, which was meant to have been prepared for her manager's press conference that morning. Of course this meant she would have to go in early that morning in order to get it to him on time. To her it was critical to have a cup of coffee every day, especially this early. She grabbed the cup of coffee, and sat down at the table. She firmly pressed her lips against the cup and sipped at the revitalizing drink as she flicked through a travel brochure that had come through the post. While looking through it she realized what she really needed was a holiday. She hadn't been on a proper holiday in two years, or at least not since she broke up with her boyfriend. Then of course she had to admit that the busy hustle and bustle of life in New York made time pass quickly. As she considered the different places she could travel to, she remembered being told about a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. Her mother, who had been brought up on Nantucket Island, had told her many stories about when she was young. It was apparently a quaint little island, surrounded my many beautiful beaches. This sounded exactly what she needed, and so went to the phone to call her manager and ask for holiday leave. She felt sure her request would be accepted as she had often worked many hours overtime when many of her other colleagues were off enjoying themselves for a week or two. In addition to that, she had also just celebrated her 23rd birthday. ...read more.


Still, her adrenalin had kicked in by the time she approached her cottage. She fumbled around in her bag for the keys. Her heart was pounding and she almost half expected the man to come up behind her again, but if so, she knew she most likely wouldn't get a second chance to escape, as she felt weak with panic. She found the key and thrust it into the door. As soon as she was inside, she quickly turned to lock the door, and then quickly ran to all the other doors and windows to lock them. She went to the kitchen and sat at the table exhausted. She was shaking all over and didn't know what to make of what she had just experienced. She wondered whether the mystery man would return, who he was, and why she was being targeted. As she thought about the tattoo on his arm, her thoughts started to wander to the time when she was a little girl and her mother would tell her stories of when she lived on Nantucket Island. She was certain that her mother had talked about someone named Emily, but was it possible? "Could that be the same Emily?" she asked herself. Susan, Rachel's mother, and Emily James had been best friends, until Emily died in a boating accident many years ago. Her mother had told her of that accident. How they both snuck out early one morning and took Susan's dad's boat and went out onto the ocean. The wind had started to pick up and the waves grew larger. They had started to head back into shore, but then it started raining heavily and they couldn't see properly into the distance. When they were closer to the shore they hit a sharp rock, which pierced the side of the boat. It started to sink and they tried to swim to shore. ...read more.


James. The results had also been sent of to the Murder Investigation Centre (MIC), on the mainland as Rachel had asked, if the results were positive. They too had come back positive and her mother's murderer had finally been captured! Her hunch had been correct all along. Mr. James had been arrested early that morning and accused of murder, along with the attack he had made on her. Her mother could now finally rest in peace, and Rachel, knowing that her mother's murderer had been caught, could now feel a sense of closure to all the unanswered questions she had previously had. She could now freely go about the island as she pleased without the fear of being stalked by a mystery man, and decided to spend her second last day there enjoying herself and celebrating her victory. Her mother was right when she had once told her to face her fears and she would overcome them. Since most of Rachel's previous three days had been full of activity, she decided to relax on the nearby beach for most of the day, and use the rest of her time to explore the surrounding area and town. When evening finally approached, she went home and decided to settle into the couch and watch a film in front of a cosy fire. She had a very satisfied feeling as she sipped her cup of hot chocolate, with melting marshmallows on top. The day that she was to leave Nantucket Island finally had arrived and she was in many ways glad that her holiday had come to an end. She had had enough excitement for a while! She had had a terrible experience, but in the end she had come out triumphant, she had solved her mother's murder and could now look to the future with a positive attitude, something she hadn't been able to do since her mother's death. Rachel smiled to herself; "This had been a long time coming," she quietly said to herself as she merged into the crowd that was boarding the ferry for home. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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