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A lost love Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be on the outside, you know like being known as someone's wife or like someone's sister,

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A lost love Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be on the outside, you know like being known as someone's wife or like someone's sister, even when you are an idol to a lot of the little kids out there and to all your fans? I know what its like. You see, I just happen to be a baseball player and my name is Joe DiMaggio. As a boy, I had little or no interest in working at all, and began bouncing from job to job. I did various work, from pulling weeds to squeezing oranges to even being the local paperboy. But then after a million years had gone by, finally, I found that "something" I really enjoyed, that "something" that actually made me think that some man didn't invent forces to make our lives difficult. I'm stating the obvious here but what I really mean to say is that I saw that Life was actually worth waiting for. Being the only high-school drop-out in a family of nine kids was what really made me confident from being the "self-doubting person". All of my brothers and sisters were coming home with all sorts of achievements nearly every single day: Graduation papers, Diplomas, certificates etc. (probably because there were so many of them) and there I was telling my little tales: "Oh, well...... I caught a rabbit for dinner. Does that count?" And even asking me to catch things like that was like asking a fish to ride a bicycle. Not to mention the fact I hated going fishing with Dad. The smell was enough to get me sick to my stomach. I felt as if I were a small, tiny flea of no use whatsoever. ...read more.


Our hearts beat as one. We lay for what felt like an entire lifetime together as I sang to her the Song of Love... "Why is the wind singing to me? Why is the season raining colors? Is it your face I see in every flower? Is it your unheard voice in my ears? It is your unheard voice Vibrating in my dreams, As my love-filled Heart wanders: "Why is the wind singing to me?" Tis your face I see In every flower, Pink, purple red and even green. These are the colors of love." Palm in palm we walked home together. The clocks had already struck past midnight. The humid atmosphere began to fade away as the blankets of night covered the sapphire sky. Peacefully, we strolled along the golden sands. We sat in a red and blue beach shack to experience the hidden beauties embedded in the sea like pearls in an oyster. "A dollar for your thoughts...?" "Marilyn, will you marry me?" I don't know what made me say it, or what I was thinking at the time. I hadn't even planned it, but it happened - and in a way I was kind of glad. There was a prolonged silence - what was she thinking? I waited apprehensively for an answer. I fumbled around in my pocket trying to find the precious diamond I had kept for her. She opened her mouth to speak. Her eyes glistened with tears (of joy?) "Joe DiMaggio, I'd be more than happy to be your wife." My heart skipped a beat. I was...overjoyed, overwhelmed - call it what you want! ...read more.


At that point, millions of thoughts were swimming in my brain and more and more just piled up. My brain was expanding. I felt so limp and fragile as if another shock would shatter my body to pieces. I was a brokenhearted man who had no-one and nobody. Was it my fault? I didn't want her to know that I knew what she was talking about so I went downstairs outside to the porch. The skies were black with blinking stars. The air was as fresh as the green grass on the lawn. I just realised that I had forgotten to shut the window of the porch. Well at least some little bug can have somewhere cozy to sleep, maybe in the couch or a pillow. I sat there on the side just thinking and recalling my thoughts. Was it jealousy that had overcome me? Was it even my fault? The green wooden door creaked open and Marilyn came out. Her tear-stained face, still glowing, had a concerned look. I got up and put my arms around her, just to soothe out her pain. She pulled away and looked at me. I couldn't even tell what she was thinking. She sat down in her hot pink top and shorts and as I tried to empathize with her she just turned away. From the corner of her eye, I could see those glistening tears of hers I once saw about 9 months ago when I proposed to her. Just this time it was different. These tears were neither of joy nor happiness but desperate and painful. I don't think I need to say anything of what happened next. When I finally thought that "something" had come, I realised I was wrong. I never gave up hope in life though-I just carried on being me. ...read more.

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