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A mid-summer nights dream by William Shakespeare - Discuss Demetrius' treatment of Helena in act 2 Sc 1.

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GCSE English course work A mid-summer nights dream by William Shakespeare Discuss Demetrius' treatment of Helena in act 2 Sc 1 A mid-summer nights dream is a comedy by William Shakespeare who was a play write during the Elizabethan period. He was a play write for many years and this play was probably written between 1593 and 1596. The main theme of the play is love and the struggle for power. The father (Egeus) is trying to make his daughter (hermia) marry someone she doesn't love (Demetrius). It is the struggle of young and old. Lysander who is in love with Hermia and is the reason Hermia and Demetius don't get married. ...read more.


Men's roles were to be the dominant sex. Since they did all the work and told women and told women what to do and they thought they owned them and controlled them. Shakespears role as a writer was to entertain people and to entertain himself. He also had a lot of royalty watch his shows. His purpose as a writer was also to put his thoughts across to other people. Arranged marriages were also apart of Shakespeare's life therefore he put it in his play. The scene we have been studying is the scene, which has Demetrius and Helena in the woods. Helena is chasing Demetrius who is chasing Hermia. ...read more.


She does all this because she loves him. Which happens today. Women let men beat them just because they love them and hope they will change. The effect on some people will be shocking at the fact that she will say this. Whereas some people will understand what she is going through. Men and women today will have these reactions. Having Demetrius and Helena arguing about the relationship between them shows the main themes. And Demetrius' love for Hermia who has run off with Lysander. The effect of this scene on an Elizabethan audience would be normal since this is how women were treated then. They did anything for the man they loved. Whereas today people would be appalled with Helena's behavior with no dignity what so ever. But Demetrius people would be disgusted at the way he treats Helena. James Mooney 10H ...read more.

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