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A Migrant Worker

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A Migrant Worker As the sun arose that heated July morning the scent of rosemary came from close by, it seemed sweeter than usual and over whelmed my senses it couldn't be my imagination, or could it? Sadly enough it was only a dream and the scent of rosemary was left on my old, dull and filthy shirt by my sweet heart. I smell extremely musty due to the fact that I have been walking for what seems like seven weeks, seven weeks along this distant and dusty road, seven weeks with the cramp in my god damn back and the burning blisters on my god forsaken feet. I am on a mission well...it's not really a mission it's more a less a job hunt, I have been informed about a job on the old McKenzie ranch south of Oklahoma it's a long journey but I'm almost sure that its worth it! With the sun hitting my eyes I can just about see the shabby old McKenzie ranch within distance, with its earthly brown shade to life its seems lifeless and I start to wonder has the McKenzie family moved away, or am I even at the right ranch. I walk to wards a rusty and crooked gate I move my hard worked hand on to the handle and pulled downwards. As the gate opened it lets out a loud creek as loud as a child's scream. ...read more.


Blinded me but still woke me, Sam slept in the same bunk as me and opposite me were two other men. I sat up and rubbed my dark green shadowy eyes, my feet hit the cold earthy floorboards. "Are you ready to work?" asked an unfamiliar voice, I looked round towards him confused "oh I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself you can call me Chad" an elevated young man sitting on one of the bunk beds he had short fair hair and sea blue eyes. In my unsteady voice I replied "hey, nice to meet you. Have you worked on this ranch long?" Chad replies with a smart comment "well what you think? Do you seriously think I would leave this place where you get treated with respect?" "Well... I suppose not, so is it really that good of a place?" "Of course it is, but I must warn you, have you meet Lucy yet?" "Yes my god she is quite a woman!" "You seem quite inexperienced, so keep away from her all she is is a whore." "Sorry me inexperienced? Before you jump to any more conclusions I have a wife and two girls back home and I would not betray them!" "Ok ok I'll know not to disturb you in the mornings! But I'm sorry I don't mean to offend you its just Lucy is a nasty piece of work!" ...read more.


"Why? Is it something I have done?" She asked in a distressed voice "no but I am not risking my life. I'm not going to chance it with your father" "if you leave me then I am going to say you raped me!" in an appalled voice I made her try and understand that I had her permission. "I don't care I'll tell my daddy and who do you think he will believe? After all I am pregnant!" was Lucy telling the truth or was I just seeing the despiteful little bitch that I have always ignored? "Well then it just means that I will have to leave, doesn't it?" "Go on then, fuck off out of my life. For someone that took my childhood in his stride I thought I could love you but no, I don't want to see you." She cried as she ran off in tears. I had to get out of there as fast as I could. I packed the little belongings that I had, Chad came in and asked "Tully where are you going?" "Somewhere Chad. Anywhere but here!" in a confused voice he asked "is everything ok?" "You will soon find out. I have to get out of here" in the background I heard Mr. McKenzie shout "I'LL KILL HIM" I ran out of there as fast as I could. I ran towards the woodland. I heard gunshots around me. Does he know where I am? I turn round to see Mr. McKenzie and Chad both holding shot guns. What have I done? A Migrant Worker Caitriona McKenna ...read more.

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