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A Misunderstanding...?

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A Misunderstanding...? There was no colour in the room and every surface, like the street below was tainted by dust, smoke and cracks. Or blood. Although it had faded with a few hard scrubs, it was unmistakeably spattered on the bed sheets. Shaun lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling and as he lit a cigarette, his unfocused gazed zoned in on a small iron plate that had been fixed on to the door over the spy hole. This disturbed him somehow, so he set to work on the plate with his pocket - knife and within two minutes, the plate was gone. Now deeply satisfied with himself, Shaun picked up the phone beside his bed. It didn't work, he knew it wouldn't, but he refused to accept it until after three minutes of banging and rattling the receiver searching for a non - existent dial tone. He cast as absent -minded glance at the broken clock on the wall that prompted him to look at his watch for the time. 33 minutes to six: 1,980 seconds before the infamous Antonio (or Tony) Wallace arrived an Italian gangster, feared by others in his business, all over Western Europe. It suddenly occurred to Shaun that Tony could easily afford the best hotel in town, and yet he had been made to wait for several hours ...read more.


Shaun couldn't imagine why Tony wanted him dead but all he knew was that he needed to get out fast. He retraced the previous victim's steps; first he looked out of the window to find Tony's car parked outside. They were inside. Shaun retraced his imaginary victim's steps; first he banged to the heavy iron bars in front of the window, then he found the vent in the bathroom too small. Desperate to escape Shaun caught his reflection in the mirror. It is so rare that a man sees his own expression when fear is upon him. We see it so commonly on those of others around us but it is truly strange your own face when death is upon you, this is what Shaun found himself gazing at. Bang. Shaun jumped. They were here. Shaun looked through the spy hole, three men, two in black suits, one in cr�me, Tony stood there waiting for him. Shaun grabbed the handgun from his rucksack. He swung open the door and opened fire. He heard the shots and saw a cr�me suit fall to ground. Antonio Wallace. Out of bullets, Shaun dropped his gun, turned and ran back in to his room. More gunfire. The two remaining suits were firing on Shaun now. ...read more.


He could hear the sound of their footsteps splashing in the rain. Shaun knew they were fitter than him and that very slowly they were catching up and he knew that when they did get to him, he would certainly be killed. Vincent could barely see Shaun through the rain; he had to run fast to make out Shaun's shoes whipping round the corners ahead. He didn't bear to look at Etienne in case he lost sight of Shaun, but he could here Etienne's heavy breathing from beside him. He knew that he and Etienne had only one thought in their minds. They must grant Tony justice. They had no idea why Shaun wanted Tony dead, but that didn't matter now. Just revenge. Shaun could not believe it. He had run on to a long, narrow alleyway. With nowhere to turn, there was no way the suits wouldn't shoot. He was going to be killed in a matter of seconds; he knew it. Bang It was over now. Shaun did not think he was dying. He felt only turbulence as his legs collapsed beneath him. He could hear nothing. He felt nothing. No flashbacks of his life, just a feeling of cold that was oozing through his veins, transporting an icy feeling all through his body and a haze that washed over his eyes that increasingly became darker and denser. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charly Austin 10MP ...read more.

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