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A Modern Red Riding Hood Play.

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´╗┐Red ridding hood Scene 1: In the woods Red riding hood isgathering firewood. When she sees movement behind the trees and leaves rustling she begins to run. She looks back to see ninjas chasing her, at that time she trips on stone and becomes unconscious. When she wakes up she finds the ninjas dead all around her and finds a red piece of cloth lying on the ground, she picks it up and runs away into the woods. Scene 2: Red (panting) enters the cottage Mother: omg red where have you been???.why are you so late.. I was so worried about you. Why do you do this to your poor old mother? dont you ever think of?? Red: mom?I?I was picking??berries?.ninjas....and the stone tripped me ?..andand? Mom: calm down red. stop being hysterical and take a deep breath and tell me from the beginning. Red: I know it sounds crazy mom but I was chased by ninjas or assassins of some sort?maybe ninja assassins? Mom: omgred please tell me you didn?t go to the forbidden part of the forest Red:i..dont know ?I think so?mom I?m sorry. Have I done something wrong? Mom:no?its fine Red:then I tripped and woke up to find them unconscious around me Mom(worried): don?t worry red?.I always knew this day would come for the past few years but not this soon. I?ve got to make preparations. Stay in your room red and don?t ever leave the house. ...read more.


And then hears a wolf howling again in the forest. that puts her in a trance.she starts howling at the full moon tears her clothes Red(screams) : the wolf can give me answers. I have to find the pack( runs out) Friend(chases): stop red. Do you have a death wish? Red zaps her friend with psychic energy. Scene 5: Red(panting): how did I get here the last thing I remembered was the wolf howling. I must have run really fast. The chant: "A wolf's true form for all to see Guided by spirits, I turn to thee "I beg to summon a wolf in dark and light I beg to the prowler of the night I beg to thee to make it soon I want to summon a wolf this full moon" Hears the hoods chanting and dancing around the fire closes her eyes and sways to the music from behind a bush. Takes the red cloth from her pocket. At that time someone grabs her and the music stops and the entire group stare at her. Person grabbing her: what are you doing here little girl. You shouldn?t be here. Your parents must be worried about you. Hood 1: Wandering in the forest is dangerous haven?t you heard about the wolves baby?? Hood 2: steeleshe has seen the ritual. She must be silenced at once if the word is let out the whole purpose of the rebellion is lost.It is the only way to stay hidden. ...read more.


Red riding hood howls to the moon and zaps him with her psychic power she channels her psychic energy towards him and air bending. The wolf falls to the ground with the series of spasms, convulsing in pain and then dies.in the background the opposing teams fight. Granny: oh red, it?s great to finally meet you.(hugs) Red: the wolf ninjas are still fighting granny and would this ever stop. Can we live in peace God: im proud of you child.if one person can stop this it is you Red: oh! god please help me. God: it all in your hands now red Red:thanks god that really helps. hood and wolves drop your weapons we can resolve this matter without violence Red: god they wouldn?t listen to me. How can I stop this? God: the only way they would listen if you make them Red: war, what is it good for ? absolutely nothing! Scene 8: g.mom:red you are now to be the leader of the hoods red: I still don?t understand how I could kill me g.mom: red it was your 18th birthday. the day you were strongest and the only day you could have killed him and he walked right into our trap. The coronation ceremony She puts on the hood Queen: with the king dead and gone only red stands in my way.I have just the thing which can kill red .My peace offering Mom: apple?. I think I should take her out Queen: it?s a poisoned apple. ...read more.

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