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A Mother’s Pain.

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A Mother's Pain. I was sitting in my local doctor's waiting for the results of my blood and urine test. I'd been feeling pretty rotten for some time, feeling lethargic, constantly tired, aching bones, and blinding headaches. I don't normally go to the doctor's, but mum had said that I had to, as she was worried about me, 'you never know Claire' she said. "There's so much more infections in the air out there these days compared to when I was a young girl," she carried on saying. I could hear her mumbling to herself as she, was washing the dishes. I knew she would be frantic while I was away at the doctor's, sitting by the phone waiting for my call. "Make sure you phone as soon as you leave the doctor's Claire" she said. Making me promise to phone, what a little fussy missy she was, but I loved her for it. I used to play on her fussiness when I was younger. "Mum I feel sick," I would tell her when I had a test at school, and sure enough she would say 'ok darling, get yourself back into bed and I'll bring you a hot cuppa up, I'll inform school your not well'. It seemed an eternity since I arrived at the doctors. ...read more.


Everyone was looking at my father. Finally my father spoke, this was it; I was waiting for the after effects of a nuclear fall out. He was only five foot eight tall and slimly built, but had the ferocity of ten men, his deeply religious background and strict upbringing made us very wary of him, he was not the type of father we could turn to in times of trouble. His outlook on modern life was very cynical, so when father had something to say it was either a tirade of bible bashing, a denunciation of modern youth, or a tongue lashing directed at us to demonstrate how easily we gave in to evil, and evil ways. I looked into fathers face and had a vision of flames coming out of his mouth and his eyes turning blood red. What came out of mouth was so utterly unexpected; I thought I was going to pass out, I could not believe what I had heard. "Well I knew this day would arrive, a little sooner than I anticipated," he said. "Do you feel alright?" "How far gone are you?" "Have you told the father yet?" There was no scorn or malice in his voice. I could not believe how wise he was about it; He was so sensible and controlled about it, (in fact the whole family was so supportive.) ...read more.


God I loved her terribly. So that's how my first-born got her name, Carly Marie. I took Carly from Geds arms and sat back down on the bed, looked at her and said her name. As I looked into her face I noticed her complexion change, she started to turn blue. "Mum, I think something is wrong" I asked. She came over and looked down at Carly; within seconds she ran out into the corridor and shouted at the top of her voice " NURSE, NURSE, hurry the baby's stopped breathing". Two nurses and a doctor ran in, they took one look at Carly and snatched the baby from my arms and ran out. I didn't know what to do, or think. Mum came up to me and started to stroke my hands, "Be strong Claire, everything will be fine" she told me. I broke down and cried, "Why was this happening to me"? I thought The other mothers in the ward seemed to be holding their babies closer to their chest. Those that had the their babies in the cot, got them out and held them. A doctor came in to speak to me about forty-five minutes later; dad was busy giving me a kiss and cuddle. He approached timidly and said "Mrs Gallagher, I've got some bad news for you". My mum started to cry. "Oh my God" Bernice cried out loud. I heard the words "bad news for you" and collapsed. Total words 2317 Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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