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A newspaper article about film or TV advert you love or loathe.

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´╗┐Love it or hate it.. After two years of not advertising Marmite on TV, the new ad was aired during the Coronation Street ad break, and it prompted an almighty backlash from fans and members of the general public who complained that it was in poor taste and that it trivialises the work done by child and animal welfare charities. After watching the ad, I was a little bit confused by the strength of the reaction to it. ...read more.


The whole thing is narrated by the esteemed BBC journalist and newsreader Michael Burke- that makes it look uber-realistic. The children in the video have their faces pixelated, while those supposedly abusing their jars of Marmite say they ?can change?. In one scene, a Marmite protection worker becomes overly-emotional after finding a miniature jar of the yeasty extract, neglected. Brilliant and clever and I love it! I absolutely love it! ...read more.


Some of these jars will be well-loved and well-used while others are pretty much abandoned. So sending out a rallying call to encourage people to ?rescue? their abandoned jars makes for a good advertising campaign. Seriously! It?s advert. It?s a very clever advert and those complaining need to have a look at their own lives because there sure as hell isn?t much going on in them if they have the time and desire to complain about this. Love it, hate it, just don?t forget it! Certainly won?t forget this advert. ...read more.

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