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A Night To Forget

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A Night To Forget The wind blow violently through the church-yard, wiping the hair off of Abi's face, as she looked down at her mothers grave. At the corner of a church a man with dark hair and piercing green eyes stared across at her. "It's no good girls we are going to have to call it a night. It's been absolutely fantastic, hard to believe it's my last night as a single woman, but I will be in no fit state to get married tomorrow if we don't go now," wailed Jeannie. The mob of giggling girls tumbled out of the night-club, none of them noticing the tall dark man who floated out after them. "Wanna lift home Rachel, we're all taking a cab," screamed one of the girls, clutching on to Jeannie with one hand round her neck holding her upright. "No, I'm fine you lot, I've drank a bit much, perhaps walking home will clear my head. Anyway it's not far." "Ok Rachel, we all know you can look after yourself," said Jeannie with a wink, and a fit of laughter met her words. With a last fleeting look at the remnants of the wild hen night, Rachel turned to walk the few streets home. ...read more.


She gave a huge sigh of relief and sunk down onto the rough, wooden floor. "He was probably innocent and wasn't doing anything wrong but, phew that was just too scary". Rachel, slowly got to her feet and climbed the winding staircase made of old pine with the creaky first step. As here feet found there way to tiled landing floor she pushed open the door and slowly made her way through the catastrophic mess of books and clothes that was her bedroom all scattered over a periwinkle blue carpet. She then slowly tiptoed through the junk to the bathroom and leant over the bath to turn on the exceedingly rusty, hot tap. A sound met here ears which could not have had anything to do with her, the step at the bottom of the stair had given an almighty creak, her head shot up and she turned to face the door on to the landing. "That couldn't have been anybody. No I must have imagined it." Rachel then slipped out of her pale lilac, dress which had rested a couple of inches above her knobbly knees, and pulled on her woollen dressing gown. The water flooded into the bath as she made her way out of the room and slowly descended the old staircase and stumbled into the kitchen, "I must have drunk far too much" she moaned softly slightly slurring each word. ...read more.


Suddenly a sharp pain shot through his lower body, he stepped backwards shaking his head, moaning "what's going on," not quite comprehending what was happening and completely unprepared for the next sharp blow that struck him over the head knocking him to the floor. There was a huge commotion at the front door, clearly somebody was trying to open it without the benefit of a key. The door suddenly gave way and several huge men powered through the door looking around, in there midst was a familiar hairy face. As the men dealt with the now unconscious would be attacker, Rachel buried her head in Rex the German shepherds shaggy coat. She took a deep breath and turned to her colleagues to ask, "what the hell kept you." Her inspector patted her on the back saying, " well done Sergeant you played your role well, the way you stumbled home those orange juices must have been very strong but at least this murdering bastered will soon be under lock and key. "By the way sergeant exactly w2hat did you do to him before we got here?" she replied smiling, "that's what comes from having a boyfriend who's a Karate 6th Dan. The operation went smoothly enough, mind you I though Rex was gonna blow our cover when he came to see me through the bushes in the park!" ...read more.

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