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A Night to Remember

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A Night to Remember The nightclub was amazing; the flashing bright lights distorting my vision, the penetrating music deafened me but it was magnificent. My friends were incredible for organising such a breathtaking and mind blowing party. I was eighteen that day and never anticipated that I would be stuck in this place for eighteen months. I was legally allowed to drink so the only thing on my mind was to get as much alcohol down me as possible but then I started to realise that it wasn't as fun as it used to be something was missing then I realised that the danger of getting caught doing something wrong had gone, the 'buzz' had disappeared. There were so many people at the club it was completely packed like a bag of crisps ready to explode and I knew I was going to remember this night for the rest of my life. Now I know that I will but unfortunately it isn't for the reason I wanted it to be, but that wasn't my fault and I could do nothing to prevent it for it was destined to be. Your probably thinking that I'm one of these strong Christians that do everything by the book, well I'm not I just believe in fate and destiny and due to my night at the club my belief is now stronger. The night started off being remarkable, all of my friends were there waiting for me. I looked stunning or so I was told, dressed in my finest outfit consisting of my knee high black leather boots which glistened in the light and my tight black dress that lingered just above my knees, every other inch a strip of my dress was missing from the side, I looked extravagant. You always hear the nightmare stories of people having their drinks spiked in nightclubs and end up in rehab and simply dismiss them under those famous words "It'll never happen to me," that's what I thought. ...read more.


My teacher was disturbed by my ear piercing screech and ran over o find out if I was alright I did what I seemed to be best at and lied making up a lame excuse. I skipped my next lesson to find a dealer I was willing to do anything to ease my nerves, I came across one that I had heard of but never had the pleasure or doing business with. She was the most repulsive creature I had ever seen, my eyes had been offended by this hideous and revolting being but I was desperate. She strutted past and people moved out of her way, she ruled the streets. Her stench trailed behind her leaving pedestrians in agony suffering on the floor. The streets were filled with the reek of cigarette smoke and the odour of vodka became too much for me but I was desperate. Her face was covered in a pathetic style, the make up merely painted on leaving her face as white as the ecstasy tablets she had evidently been taking. Her eyes black, black and evil, her red contacts reflected the flames of hell. The daughter of Satan had arrived. She grunted like a pig that was on the verge of being slaughtered and I could imagine the blood splattered on the wall and she was their using the blood as make up cackling away she was a witch of pure evil and her look was threatening. Somehow I needed to uncover the courage and strength to carry on and get what I needed; I slowly stumbled towards her thinking what to say and attempting to stay calm. She turned around and sharply said, "What do you want?" I couldn't stay calm, "I need drugs," I screamed desperately, "please you have to help me the feeling inside me it's horrible," I broke down in tears and she grabbed me and dragged me down an alleyway. ...read more.


They looked at me as if I was some escaped convict or murderer and I resented them for that, they never said a word just glared. "Say something, please tell me that you're disappointed in me, just say something. Tell me you hate me say anything," I pleaded, but nothing was said at that they left. I turned to face the nurse looking for sympathy but all that I got was, "Do you know what happens now?" I shook my head unable to utter a word I was disgusted in my self. "Put it this way, your parents don't want you back in the house until you are a changed person," I stared at her with a confused look in my eye and all she could do was reply with, "Rehab but remember you have no one but yourself to blame." She turned and walked away leaving me on my own I was ashamed and didn't know how long I would be there for or when I was going all I knew was that I was alone and nobody wanted anything to do with me. I have been in this place for a year now and should be getting out in six months time if all goes well. I have learnt one thing from this venture and that is be careful who you can trust. I found it hard to believe that my friends would do this to me and I was certain they would visit me to see how I was coping. They seemed so worried when I collapsed but then I realised that was because they were afraid of being found out, afraid that I would tell everyone that it was their fault I was here now. I wasn't going to stoop to their level I know that when I leave this place that I will end up being better of anyway and then I will find some real friends ones that I can trust and more importantly ones that aren't junkies. Claire Garfield 1 ...read more.

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