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Lord of the Flies by William Golding shows us his idea of how savage human beings can be. It shows us that without the authority from adults, law, punishment and order in a society, the society will break down

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Savagery "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding shows us his idea of how savage human beings can be. It shows us that without the authority from adults, law, punishment and order in a society, the society will break down. Golding shows us that human beings, if left on an island will not necessarily get along and have a good time; like in Coral Island. The novel also shows us that humans are capable of savage acts. At the beginning of the novel the children were split apart into certain groups: the choir, Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric and the little-uns. When these groups united they voted for a leader, and as a result of this, jealousy ensued within Jack. This was because he lost the vote to Ralph. And quite early on in the novel there are early signs of conflict between Ralph and Jack, this quote conveys this "I ought to be chief." The quote shows that Jack thinks Ralph should not be chief and he should. Jack thinks he should be chief because he thinks he is superior to Ralph. But the boys choose Ralph because Ralph called everyone together, and because of this Ralph is thought of as a more authoritative figure than Jack. ...read more.


So Jack did not restrain to take Piggy's glasses because not only there is no form of punishment, but also because Jack maybe immoral. When Jack takes over and becomes leader of the island, Ralph, Piggy Simon, Sam and Eric, are all left out. When Jack is chief physical punishment is introduced, this is shown when Roger beats Wilfred; Wilfred obviously displeased Jack in some way. In torturing Wilfred Jack and Roger were being savages. Torturing I think is a savage act because it does not occur in a civil society. I think violence is used here not only because Wilfred has displeased Jack but because Jack has the power to punish individual, and Jack is using his power to his advantage. The advantage being keeping order within his tribe. In "Lord Of The Flies" a great power is given to Jack and Ralph. The power of controlling the population of the whole island. And with great power comes great responsibility. Ralph or Jack could not handle the responsibility of looking after all the people on the island, and it ended up in death. The death of Simon and Piggy both were savage acts by people on the island. Simon died because people's imaginations drove them crazy and drove them to savage acts. ...read more.


Firstly craving for power, Jack craved for power and he got it but he performed savage acts to get that power. Jack killed pigs, which was a savage act but they did need food. Killing the pigs was not just a savage act it was also for fun and pleasure. I think they did it so often because of the rush and delight in the hunt. Also in killing the mother pig it shows how savage they can be, I think they killed it just out of pleasure in seeing the animal struggle to get away. The novel suggests that something fun can be something savage. In killing the pigs he took power because he overruled Ralph's orders. Also Jack had his men kill Piggy, and was going to kill Ralph. So to get full power Jack performed savage acts. Secondly Imagination and fear can drive us into savage acts, the killing of Simon. Thirdly without authority from adults, law and order savagery is free to incur because there is no punishment for savage acts like killing someone. The novel shows you that civil human beings without authority, can quickly turn into savage primitive beasts. Especially without authority of adults, children are more easily turned into savages. All moral and civil knowledge is morphed into chaos, death and general havoc. ...read more.

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