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The process of discovery is more valuable then what is discovered. Discuss in respect to Heat and dust as well as The day after forever and the movie The matrix.

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DISCOVERY "The process of discovery is more valuable then what is discovered." This statement is extremely dependant on the nature and context of the discovery. Often the process of discovery is more valuable then the discovery itself. Although there are times when the discovery is of more value then the discovery itself. In order to better clarify these statements references shall be made to the novels: "Heat and dust" as well as "The day after forever". In addition to the movie "The matrix." Discovery is defined as: gaining knowledge not previously known. The process of discovery is defined as: the process of unraveling something that was invisible in the past. There are several types of discoveries. These include: the discovery of self, of truth and the discovery of the past There are two central characters in the novel "Heat and dust". They are Olivia and the narrator. The narrator never revels her name, in the view of the fact that she does not want to take attention off Olivia's story. In her own words: "But this is not my story, it is Olivia's as far as I can trace it back." Her aim is to discover the truth about Olivia's past. ...read more.


The process began when Olivia was accompanied by Mrs. Crawford to visit the begum. Olivia's description of Mrs. Crawford was: "She sat bolt upright in her chair." The composer emphasized Olivia's feeling of being "out of place" by comparing the "get together" to a scene in a play, with everyone stiff and having a role to play. We find out the she has ultimately made this discovery during a conversation with the Nawab where she says: "Please don't lump me in with that lot." Here the process is a gradual one and occurs slowly throughout the course of the novel. The discovery itself is practically an anti climax and is not given any significance by the composer. The novel is very rich in symbolism. Symbols of sensuality, such as flowers and fertility such as the husbands wedding day all prepared us for the affairs that were to take place. The parallels between the stories also emphasize their differences and similarities. An example is that they both fall pregnant however Olivia has an abortion and the narrator keeps the baby. This clearly shows the strength that the narrator possesses and Olivia lacks. These techniques are all tools that immerse the responder in the process of discovery of the characters. ...read more.


This confidence boost shows the important nature of the discovery. In the novel "The day after forever" the process of discovery is virtually non-existent for most of the discoveries made. An example is that there was no distinct "process" of discovery for the discovery that Courtie was being physically abused. The discovery was made when Toni and Eddie saw a bruise on her arm. When Courtie found out that Jeff had leukemia, the process was Jeff telling her that he was dying. It wasn't significant however the discovery that Jeff was dying was extremely important because it showed how close Jeff and Courtie had become as well as how devastating it was for her to discover he was dying. So in this case the discovery was by far more important then the process of discovery. In conclusion whether or not the discovery or the process of discovery is more important depends on the context and type of the discovery made. It is true to say that at times the process is more important then the discovery itself but this is not always the case. Whether or not the discovery is more important then the process of discovery depends on the significance of the discovery to the storyline and the composer's emphasis on it. ...read more.

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