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A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers’. Trace the influence of fate on Romeo and Juliet’s Tragedy

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'A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers'. Trace the influence of fate on Romeo and Juliet's Tragedy I am going to trace fate on the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Firstly from the prologue at the beginning of the play we see that Romeo and Juliet were 'A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers'. This indicates that they had fate against them, in that time people were vary wary of what the stars said, and so if two people had their stars crossed, they would never remain together. It also tells us that with fate against Romeo and Juliet they would face a lot of trouble together and whatever they did it would end in sadness. In addition of being told that Romeo and Juliet are already fated, we are shown as to how the lovers are fated from the beginning. Where the prologue gives information on that Romeo from the family of 'Montague' and Juliet from the family of 'Capulet' having been feuding for an ancient time and that 'from ancient grudge break new mutiny' a quote from the prologue tells that these two lovers are about to 'break new mutiny' between the families. I am now going to trace the influence of fate against Romeo and Juliet's tragedy. ...read more.


This is a bad situation now for Romeo, but as the situation worsens for Romeo and Juliet now, as Romeo is provoked into such anger after Mercutio had been killed he takes action by himself to murder Tybalt. The obvious showing of fate here is at the reason of if only. If only Mercutio was not killed, Romeo would not have been brought to circumstances of where he had no feelings and no real sense of judgmental decisions. Though as we can see, we know that because Romeo and Juliet are 'Star Crossed Lovers' fate cannot be changed, as fate has now showed for Romeo and Juliet there is no going back, whatever they try they will fail. 'A Pair of Star Crossed Lovers' Trace the influence of fate on Romeo and Juliet's Tragedy With fate that has made Romeo banished from the murder of Tybalt, it is Juliet's turn to try and solve the mounting problems of their fated love. The situation was that with Juliet's parents, they did not know that their daughter was married to the banished Romeo, also things had turned for the worse for Juliet as her Father had plans for immediate marriage with Paris. ...read more.


But it was fate, they tried everything to be together but whatever they tried they failed because fate decided what happened. From tracing the influence on fate and chance on Romeo and Juliet' tragedy I have found that there are many occasions where characters refer to fate controlling them. Take for example where after the marriage night it is spoken that 'Mehtink I see thee, now thou art so low As one dead in the bottom of a tomb' this is a statement that comes true, it states that they see something will end in tragedy and it is true Romeo sees Juliet's faked death in a tomb and their love from that point has ended in tragedy. Another point in the play where a character mentions a point of which will come true is where on the way to the Capulet ball Romeo quotes 'My mind misgives' showing that Romeo feels something exciting and dangerous is going to happen, this comes true Romeo falls in love with Juliet which is exciting for him but it is also very dangerous for the both of them. Points within the play that are unlikely are the points of where Romeo is asked to read the invitation list to the Capulet ball, if he was not asked to read this list he may not of seen Juliet and fate would have not brought death to them. 1309 words ...read more.

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