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"A pair of star-crossed lovers..." Show how the events of the plot and the language used by Shakespeare reinforces the theme of the lovers who are fated from the start. Romeo and Juliet.

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"A pair of star-crossed lovers..." Show how the events of the plot and the language used by Shakespeare reinforces the theme of the lovers who are fated from the start. Romeo and Juliet is a play about two people who meet and fall in love. This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that there had been a rift between the Montague family (Romeo) and the Capulet family (Juliet). The Shakespeare play is a tragedy and is very much based on fate. The quote in the title emphasises this ("A pair of star-crossed lovers...") In the beginning Romeo is persuaded by his friends to go to a party hosted by the Capulet household. Romeo has his reservations and he thinks it is a very, very bad idea. ...read more.


"... Be but sworn my love" The pair are very much in love and throughout the scene the speech is in very much the same way - all to do with love. At the end of the scene the couple decide to marry in the morning. Following their marriage there is a big fight. It begins with Mercutio and Tybalt but after a while Romeo becomes involved. When this happens Tybalt stabs Mercutio. "Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt under your arm." Obviously this upsets Romeo and he seeks revenge by murdering Tybalt. When Romeo calms down he realises what a big mistake he has made. " O I am fortunes fool." Subsequently Romeo is banished from Verona. Soon after Romeo is banished Juliet is forced to marry Count Paris. ...read more.


This means that the potion makes her appear dead and it once again refers to fate. A letter is sent to Romeo telling him what Juliet has done and not to worry. Romeo doesn't receive the letter and is in fact told by somebody that Juliet is dead. Romeo decides to go back to Verona. When Romeo arrives back in Verona he goes to the Capulet chapel of rest. Romeo finds Juliet and kneels beside her. He gives a long speech and finishes by kissing Juliet and dying by drinking poison. "Thus with a kiss I die." Around half-an-hour after this Friar Tuck arrives. A man has discovered Romeo lying dead and Juliet soon wakes. She asks after Romeo "where is my Romeo?" Juliet soon finds out that Romeo is dead. Juliet then goes on to kill herself "This is thy sheath, there rust and let me die." She stabs herself. Robert Shiel 10J ...read more.

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