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a person who i admire

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A person whom I admire There are so many heroes in this world, from cartoon heroes to, maybe, your life saver. But I am going to talk about my friend. She died when we were 6; she was my best friend and only person I knew at that age. Her death made me miserable and sometimes thought of following her to be with her. But I had my family support and became to realize that there was nothing for me to do. No one told me how and why she died and I still don't know. She was always bright and that's why it is more upsetting. Before I met her I didn't know anyone and anything. ...read more.


It was not long after that when she died. I remember the day when the accident happened. It was in the afternoon, I was just having my lunch when the phone rang. It was Saturday so I didn't have to go to the kindergarten. As I was finishing my lunch my mum came in and sat next to me. Because I was young I didn't know. She told me that my best friend just died. I refused to believe her, because it didn't seem real. I saw her yesterday the day before and I was going to see her that evening. It was so hard to get over it; I was so shocked I couldn't even cry. ...read more.


She wasn't in my new life but she was in me. It would have been better if she didn't die but if she didn't I wouldn't have changed. It is so unfair and unfortunate that she died because she was loved by so many people and she will be remembered by all those who knew her. Her death woke me up to reality and made me into a human being and a person who I am now. I decided to write about my best friend because she was the person who was able to change me into a completely different person. I am thankful that I met her and she was in my life. I am over her death and I miss her occasionally. I prefer not to talk about her often because it takes me back to my old memories which I would rather forget. ...read more.

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