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A personal experience

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Crying a million tears By Lindsey McInerney We were skiing in a quiet little village called 'Cavalese' in Italy. It was a really warm, sunny day for February, the sun on the snow made it look as if we were skiing on a carpet of diamonds. It was time to go home so while my family skied the last more difficult run, I headed back on my own as I wasn't a very strong skier. I waited for the cable-car to take me back to the mountain station where I was to wait for my family. They'd assured me they'd be on the next cable-car so I wouldn't be waiting on my own for too long. I arrived at the mountain station and stood looking out of the huge windows over the valley. The snow was bright white and dotted with lush green trees. ...read more.


A scream sent me crashing back down to earth. It was the worst scream I have ever heard, like the blood curdling ones you hear in horror films. I managed to drag my eyes away from the awful sight and look around me. The scream had come from a pretty middle-aged Italian woman standing about five feet from me. Her eyes were wide and she had her hands over her mouth, I've never seen anybody look so afraid. People rushed over to the window where we were looking out. As soon as they saw what had happened they began to scream and panic. I still stood nailed to ground. As things were starting to calm down, the Italian lady, who had screamed, came and put her hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was alright. ...read more.


After so many times of this happening, I felt numb. I looked at my watch and realised I'd been sitting there for nearly two hours. The realisation that my family was really gone hit hard. I was fourteen and stranded in a foreign country, now on my own. Fear made my breath catch in my throat. Somebody touched my shoulder, I looked up, the sun shining brightly behind them, I could just make out the silhouette of a lady with blonde hair. She looked like my mum. I'd already been wrong so many times before, I could not bear the pain of getting my hopes up and being wrong again. I really didn't want to speak to anyone so without looking up again, I just told the lady to go away. I felt arms around me and mum's voice brought me back to reality. I looked up and, blinking through my tears, I saw my Mum, Dad and brothers. I cried again but this time out of happiness. ...read more.

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