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a place i despise

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  • Essay length: 945 words
  • Submitted: 05/03/2009
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GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

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A Place I Despise

'We would now like to invite all passengers to board the aircraft'. This is the call which tells me it's time to enter the place I despise most of all. The Canadian airlines plane may not be the sort of thing most people would find themselves complaining about but I've had to board what has seemed like exactly the same plane for the past 5 years.

People who haven't flown on a plane before have not yet experienced the horrors of modern airline travel. The screaming baby in front. The little 5 year old kid behind who won't stop kicking my seat. The 9 hours of pure boredom that seem too drag on forever, the old man who's snoring so loud that I swear even the pilot should be able to hear him. It's not that I have a problem with every aeroplane there's just something about Canadian airlines I don't like. Maybe it's the smell. The air seems to be as stale as the bread in my gran's kitchen. Or maybe it's the way the seats are about as comfortable as sitting on a thorn bush covered in vinegar. Honestly

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