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A place to go

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A place to go. Night after night I had passed the strange location. I began to recognize it and became aware of every detail. I found the building light in the same way. My eyes became attracted, addicted to this place, every eve it beckoned me to return. Simply gazing on it seemed to provide a relaxation, it warmed me. My body became accustomed to its feeling and presence; I found it, almost difficult to leave it. Despite this I had to carry on, they where close behind me now. This was not the first time that I had passed the building and approached it with curiosity. I had wandered here before. This building seemed of some overwhelming significance, when near I felt pathetic and feeble, this building, mansion or 'castle' seemed to posses some great inhuman power far beyond my conceivable imagination. As previously I waited and rested near to the building, my back lay vertical against the huge wall, again this unbelievable feeling of nostalgia, anomalous refreshment and suspicion passed through the very material of my being. It happened suddenly. I was unrepentant, almost unaware of this 'attack' I was about to undergo. I felt a hard thud to my right, this failed to affect me, and I was dazed and confused by the sheer marvel of this magic place. ...read more.


'Unwind'. At first the thought of all these famous and wealthy people coming here seemed unbelievable; I pondered what they could be doing here for a while. Soon I was to find out. "Come, come I will show you around" Monty barked. I paused to imagine what I might see, and then followed closely behind him. As we walked further and further the abundance of people became more and more abrupt. I was shown around 'the club' for around 2 hours before I had explored all of it. I had however, forgotten how and why I came to be here. I was on the run. That night I stayed at the club in one of the many rooms Monty had to offer. I slept in a huge bed, I slept well, this was a welcomed change from my '2 up 2 down' "FLAT!" In the morn I dined with all the guests at a huge elegant table. Clothed with antiquities such as candle sticks, vintage cutlery and ancient place mats this table was obviously designed to impress. It was inevitable that someone would ask me why I was here... Breakfast was silent, perhaps by rule or regulation or perhaps by hangover. Monty did not know much, in fact, he only knew my name and that I was on the run, and yet, he had offered me all of his possessions at my disposal simply to please and comfort me in this time of stress. ...read more.


Monty enquired. "Around 3 months, and a bit" I answered. "Long enough or too long I would say" Monty boasted. I paused to think how to answer this question. Before I could Monty interrupted... "GO" he shouted, "now". Without further conversation I stood up, walked out of the room and left the house. As I walked outside my pace quickened, this wasn't because I was scared, I had become acclimatized to the warmth of the house and hadn't ventured out much since I had been there. I ran, this time not away but back, back to a home I could now appreciate. I ran and thought of how I had once run up this way away from those thugs. The memory seemed so long ago. Since I had met Monty and stayed at the club my body had endured many advances those that where forced upon it by the fashion and impersonality of the club. I had spent every night and early morning for the past 3 months partying. I was a V.I.P; every night alcohol and various other illegal substances had thrust themselves repeatedly through every cell of my body. I eventually returned home. The first thing I noticed was the absence of other people; I craved the atmosphere, the drugs and most of all the people. I spent the next few days de-toxing myself. Every day I craved the club more and more, but I knew I could never return. ?? ?? ?? ?? William Biggs Thursday, 10 May 2007 ...read more.

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