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A poem from the heart

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My Dear Daughter: Today I heard every thought that crossed your mind. I heard your every cry, your every whimper. I heard every harsh word, I heard every tender hearted word, I saw the love deep in your heart, for me, and for every person. I saw the beauty you hold inside and out, and how much you care to keep up what I have gifted you with...I watched you as you faced every temptation, and gave into those which you thought were worth it. I watched as you hit rock bottom, and realized you needed me. I saw, how you stood up for me, and defended my love for this world. ...read more.


Each wrinkle on your face is a constant reminder to millions of days you're brightened up by just Glowing with this light I gave you. These things that you call "flaws" are gifts I gave you. I know ever detail of your face, your heart, your soul. I know your future. Why are you changing for that boy? Why are you changing to look different then what I created you to be? You're glowing beauty. My child, don't you know that your Husband, is going to come to me, he is going to seek me, to find you. He will love you for your every detail your soul and he will spend the rest of his life getting to know you. ...read more.


You will see how all your hardships, all your tough times, made a difference for eternity. You are amazing my dear. I know things are rough, and you feel like giving in. look around you my dear. I'm all around you. I'm in the wind, the rain, in your family, your friends, and most importantly I am right beside you. I am holding your hand, watching you become the woman I have been waiting millions of years for you to become. This radiant child of mine. Every stumble, I cringe, and hope your okay, but every time you get back up, I am the happiest father in the universe. I look at you and I couldn't be more proud of you. Love Your Daddy...... God.... ...read more.

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