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A publisher is putting together a collection of Victorian short stories called 'Time and Place'. State your case as to why the three stories you have studied reveal about this bygone era to a modern audience.

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A publisher is putting together a collection of Victorian short stories called 'Time and Place'. State your case as to why the three stories you have studied reveal about this bygone era to a modern audience. The three stories I studied were 'Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver', 'The Withered Arm' and 'The Signal Man'. Tony Kytes was written by Thomas Hardy, as was The Withered Arm. Charles Dickens wrote the Signal Man. Both Hardy stories were from a collection of short stories called The Wessex Tales. The Signal Man was originally written for a popular magazine. All the stories were written in the Victorian era, and before 1914. The main points of the stories which reveal when the stories were written are; geographical, social, cultural, historical and language. The characters give you clues about the time written. Sometimes the characters names were more common in the Victorian times e.g. from Tony Kytes, Unity is not a very common name in the modern world which is the same Gertrude in The Withered Arm. ...read more.


'He knows who we are, no doubt?'. The geographical references in Tony Kytes tells the reader it is set in the countryside by the fields and wagons e.g. 'and at the ploughmen at work in the fields. In the Signal Man it talks of a setting where 'the cutting was extremely deep, and unusually precipitate. It was made through clammy stone, that became oozier and wetter as I went down' this setting might be somewhere in North England. Thomas Hardy set many of his stories where he grew up as a child but changed the names of places. The Withered Arm and Tony Kytes are both set in Wessex which was really the county of Dorset. You can tell it is probably Dorset as this is where Hardy is from and the language used. The Dorset countryside has fields and dirt tracks as described in the stories. The social and cultural beliefs were similar in all three stories. ...read more.


I think this is because Hardy's stories were set in the countryside. The language tells the reader great deal about the era the story was written in, because in my opinion language changes a lot between Victorian language and modern language. In Tony Kytes the language is obviously from Dorset or the countryside. Both Hardy stories use the same sort of language but the Withered Arm's language sounds more formal. The language Hardy uses sounds like the characters are uneducated and talk less formally than Dickens' story. As I said before, the Signal Mans language sounds more modern as he uses more modern words and phrases such as 'He pointed to the red light he had looked at.' where Hardy uses old words like 'banns'. Hardy's stories use more old words than Dickens and Dickens' uses words but slightly different e.g. 'Halloa'. The language in the Signal Man sounds formal and should because it is two strangers meeting where as in the Tony Kytes the main characters already know each other. The Withered Arm I think has a bit of both in the story. Olivia Moudy ...read more.

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