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A Radio Interview with Jack - Lord of the flies.

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A Radio Interview with Jack: by Joss Cook 13 November 2002 Presenter: Good morning and welcome to H.C.F.M. On the show this morning I shall be talking to jack, the schoolboy who was amongst a number of boys dramatically rescued from an uninhabited island in the Pacific. How did you feel on the island with out any adults? I felt like a weight had been lifted off my back. No one telling me something was wrong, no one to tell me what to do. I would be in charge. Sure at the beginning I was a bit scared but I also felt happy. Another good thing about no adults. But no ralph had to tack that hope from me he wanted it all for himself Jack, what do you have to say about the disaster and the three boys that were killed? Jack: Jeff have you ever been stranded on an Island where everyone was afraid a monster would get them? I gave them some one to believe in, someone to lead them. ...read more.


They were my slaves but those outcastes piggy and Ralph they were different they could not stop me but they were a pain in the ass Presenter: So why did you kill them. Jack: I had no choice, they undermined me, if they had lived then I wasn't truly leader. They I knew it would be us or them and me and my hunters had no intention of letting them win. Besides we hated them they thought they were better then us just because they had a shell and we actually did something not just lie around waiting for a ship we waited for no one but us we were a team they were not. Presenter: Ok so I heard from Ralph there was a beast. What was this evil creature that he spoke of last week, and why did he look pale when I asked him? Jack: The beast was not in our heads it was real. it tried to attack us sometimes but we beat it, there was a beast. ...read more.


Presenter: So did you ever envy Ralph at all did you ever wish you were him so you could have lead from the start and maybe do a better job then him. Jack: Yes I wanted to be leader at the beginning in stead of Ralph but what can I do now. If I was the leader at the beginning then we wouldn't have had any trouble. I would have told the littluns to get wood for the fire. Piggy could have kept his rotten glasses Ralph well, could have been at my side and we could have kept that island to going to hell but Ralph was scared and selfish he wanted it all for him. Presenter: Well that's interesting. Hmmm if you could have picked one item to if you could have one very unlikely thing to have happened what would you want. Jack: Can I have a plane full of gorgeous women Presenter: (Laughing while in speech) no of course not. Jack: Well I would have to say a tribe that for some unlikely reason decides to worship me like a god. Presenter: Good answer. 99JC/A Radio Interview with Jack 1 of 1 30/04/07 ...read more.

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