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A raisin in the sun

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Monday June 25th 1990, 0603 hours. In a hospital deep in the heart of London, a boy was born; he was known to be called Master Mohammed Tajrian Talukder. This was .... Early years.... I am an only child. Some of you will be saying 'how lucky is he?' or ask me 'are you spoilt?'Well obviously I am but I tend to say no. Anyway I have a mum and dad, they are both beloved and appreciated even when we don't get on well. We aren't wealthy; we are what some people call 'average family'. My dad had (he still has but as an electrical wholesaler) a job in a cloths shop with his colleague and was doing well at it, my mum would be at home looking after me and doing well at it too. We lived in a nice home, so I was told by my mum; I only have pictures to remind myself, it was newly built and in the city. My mum often talks about what I use to do when I was little, for example wait at the door for my dad to come home, usually he brought me new toys which lasted a few minutes before it was dismantled or broken. ...read more.


At home time when my mum came to pick me up, the teachers started to compliment me by for example saying 'your child is very skilful and bright.' My mum felt really happy and proud after hearing the news. I was around about the age of 5 when I learned to ride a bike. The bike came from my cousin who had grown out of it so he had decided to give it to me. The thing was I didn't know how to ride a bike and even more so it didn't have stabilisers which made it presumably harder. In the evening I practised for about half an hour and at last I got the hang of it. Now I could ride bike! The youngest exciting memory I have is on my sixth birthday. Back then cards that came with a badge having your age written on it were exciting and a thing to show off with because it was new and unique. We invited family and friends to come along. We did it in the garden because it was big and the weather was perfect. Anyway, on that day my mum and dad gave me the greatest present ever, they gave me an air powered bazooka that shot out foam balls! ...read more.


My favourite things I like to do are going on my computer to play games, listen to music, films and go on the internet. My dislikes are rock music, drama and exams. My frights are small insects especially spiders because they might go into my ears or nose, snails and other animals without legs. In my life I have accomplished many things for example build a computer. Some of you might think it's hard but it really isn't. I can do practically anything on a computer. That brings me to my next point. Future ambitions: My future ambition is to run a successful business in the computer industry or even grow wealthy like Bill Gates. To do this I want to go all the way to university (Cambridge or oxford if I'm lucky) to study computing, get good degrees to start a small business and start increasing my business until it is a huge enterprise. In the future I would want to learn to fly a helicopter and an aeroplane so I can be proud of myself for being able to do so much in my lifetime. I would also like to have a big mansion with a huge garden for sports and productivity and a huge collection of expensive cars. And remember every one has dreams; it is just the matter of time till it comes true. ...read more.

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